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RE: What 10 $LEO a day looks like in Venezuela (I invite you to do this)

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Oh MY! First of all, thanks for joining the initiative.

I am so glad that $leo can impact the lives of different people around the world in so many ways!
The inflation in Venezuela is one of the worst we have seen. But, the resilience and drive of the Venezuelan people is really mention worthy.

I believe this puts in perspective how each of us can influence people's life through content creation and curation. Awesome post, and thnaks for letting us into your life.


You are welcome my friend, for me it is an honor to participate in your excellent initiative that gave me the opportunity to do something informative.

Sorry for the delay, I have had many problems with the internet. I will always be attentive to the publications you make to see if I find another gem.

Best regards.

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