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RE: LEO Whales Are Spreading Stake to New Users | Curator Reward Leaderboard

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It is obvious that this model of curation is the cause of this engagement and interaction. Which we can't even dream of in Hive.
It is also the cause that leads to keeping newcomers. I'm an example, I have ten days in LeoFinance and I have found that I cannot write (yet) acceptable blogs in terms of topics. Normally I should go back to Hive (because I'm doing pretty well there) but the possibility of learning, interaction and curation activity, plus a reward for engagement that can be greater than a reward for a modest post makes me stay active here. With the hope that soon I will be a good writer in the financial field. I felt on my blog or comment the power of the vote of @taskmaster5540le or @phython and I know that @onealfa.leo is waiting for me to grow.

Thank you for offering this chance!

A question! Do we have permission to use this footer from this post on our blogs? It could be a good way to market and multiply this information among our Hive followers.

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Thanks for shout friend.

There was days when I used to read each and every post on Leofinance but I am unable to do so now. I will just say you to continue even you think you are not getting whale votes.

Most importantly ,keep commenting , It really keep you engaged, learned and of course pays in Leofinance.

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I wish I was here in those days ...

Thanks a lot for the advice, of course I don't think I will receive many such votes until I bring something of value in my posts.

That's what I intend to do, the best interaction possible, is the easiest method for me now.

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