+102,000 Sports Staked. Closer To The Goal.

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Is there anything in between setting goals and achieving it? I guess it's consistency, dogged consistency, that's what works and I'm happy I have that in me. To stay in here for long is aim, I'm guessing in years to come my children are going to have there hive account when they reach 9, by then, there would have been children section account creation on Hive, which they can access Hive from the children point of view, yeah. Something like the Boss Baby 🤣😜.

But here I am making one possible before the other, having more than enough stake to effect change in here by staking and staking and staking till I get there. And here I am with +102,000 sports staked.


Reaching a 9.7m sports staked is more than ever closer to my goal of 10m stakes which inset for myself but the spending of Christmas and new didn't let me get there. I didn't power down though, I was just selling the liquid. But now, I'm buying back and staking, I'm also staking the liquid as well. A non-stop rollercoaster of staking spree, maybe when I get to 10m, I'll rest, but I'm not sure yet about that.

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Nice :) When you stacked $10million you are going to receive about $200 every month by voting right? :)

I can't really say, I don't know where you get that calculation from ☹️☹️

Why stop at 10 millions ;) Keep up the work and staking!

I'm not stopping there,I'm just setting it as a landmark for myself.

I just love your ride with Staking SPORTS. I wish we had like 10 people doing this with you and we'll be seeing SPORTS high up there.

Continue, you'll soon be in the tens of millions SPORTS holders class.