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I wouldn't say I've reached my goal yet, though I am trying as much as possible to reach it, I've fall short of my goals even when it's the beginning of the year. My plan was to reach 10m sports before the end of the year and sad enough, I couldn't.

So, here I am staking up my +36,000 Sports in a bid to reach the 10m mark I gave myself since last year which I couldn't fulfil.

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The joy of staking up is right there for me, I am enjoying this every moment of the way, seeing my investment grow, looking at the Curation reward too makes me happy. It shows my work in making sure I have a passive income in line.

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Great to see the staking. I'm hoping the price stays low a bit longer so I can get more sports and become whale before we will rocket to the moon :D

Same here too

Wish it'll stay low so I can buy as much as I can with the little I have, before it increases

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I think the same, but wont be sad either if the price moons 😂

Good thing everyone is staking and keeping the engagement rate increasing in the sportstalk community

I also wish I can acquire my 1m sports token goals before the first quarter of the year.

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You're really doing well with building your SPORTS bags. Keep the good work. It'll sum up big.

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