+42,00 Sports Staked

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I am not disturbed a bit about what is happening, the fact that I don't have a single Bitcoin in my wallet doesn't make me poor, yes, I accept the fact that I don't have, but I consider myself lucky that I am the Lord of
Hive Altcoin. And what does the Lord of Hive Altcoin do, Stake.

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I am staking an additional +42,000 to my 9.5 stake to reach 9.6m sports staked. It will be my great joy to see Sports progress to the higher height where others token are.

Sports has really come a long way, I still believe in it that if it falls into right hands. It will be awesome.

To stake and earn is the reigning thing now on Hive. Followed by engagement.

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I am starting to load up on some SPORTS and think it is like getting Facebook pre IPO. Here is a few bit more for you.

You are very close to achieving 10m sports. Keep staking and adding value to the community

Keep staking!

Keep moving forward. There's space on the top. Congratulations on your new heights each day.

I'm disturbed I didn't buy two months ago when so many said to buy! I'm disturbed I didn't buy years ago when is was still under 100! I'd be rich today! But good for you going all in on Hive. I appreciate that.