+45,000 Sports Staked. Starting The Road To 20M Sports

in LeoFinance3 months ago

Since I've reached the mark of 10 million Sports Staked, I'm not resting either, I'm still in the business of staking and staking is what I have to keep on doing. The journey is still long, I still have to buy more sports to reach the next threshold which is 20 million sports staked.

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The day is getting the more and more interesting, with many tribes coming up, the needed advantage of having stake is to have a stake both on the platform and in the business as well.

This is +45,000 Sports in addition to what I have, I guess I just commissioned the road to 20 million sports staked.

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I'm pretty big on Sports and am trying to increase my stake too. 20 Million.... has a nice sound to it. Good luck!

Congrats man for hitting thee 10m SPORTS stake mark. Soar higher!