Staked +54,000 Sports. 9.5m Sports Reached.

in LeoFinance2 months ago

If the dream is getting too far to achieve, I'll rather keep on at it, pushing harder and harder by each day, never stopping. Whenever I see the progress of others,I don't envy neither got jealous,I set myself back to work. Because I know jealousy or envy won't do this, hardwork will. I've seen that the more I stake, the more I get rewarded, the more I am happy, the more I can help other Sports content writers. The plan is to stay here for long and not FOMO or FUD.

With the price of Sports stable at $0.003, with the tendency to go higher than that,I am pitching my tent with Sport since I don't have the most expensive token Leo in my wallet. The little Sports I have in my wallet, I am going to stake it till it reach the top of the mountain and this is me staking up +54,000 sports to reach 9.5m Sports.


Another race I'm running is to get a particular amount of curation reward each day, by doing this, I am sure of earning a passive income through Sports. The journey has been worthwhile I must say.

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You wrote $0.003 but it's $0.00003*. That still a great amount for 9.5m though !

You'll probably soon reach 10 millions ! Good luck !

Keep staking, we wanna be at a good position when to the price takes of :)

Indeed, you're doing great and I'm so encouraged at this growth. Gently, you've reached 9 million SPORTS stake mark. Keep pushing, you'll soon be counting 8 figures with your SPORTS stake. The moon is closer than we thought.