What I Will Buy With 10,000 1UP / 1,400 Hive

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There is a question on St3v3 T88888 on what 10,000 1UP will do for me. Here, that is no small money and can do a lot of things.

Let me be straight to the point, there is no way I am going to eat such a money. Trust me, the best I can do with it is to look for an investment that can pay me for the rest of my life with it. The logic is simple and it's what I have been practicing for a while, anytime I cash out huge sum of a token that is worth a large amount in naira (Nigerian money). The only thing that comes to mind is a crypto project I can invest it in.

So, 10,000 1UP, here is your spending breakdown.

Screenshot-20200901-093830 Screenshot-20200901-094156

1. For a long time I have been waiting for the news of the staking potential of uptrennd token 1UP and here it is. Jeff just made an announcement some hours ago about it and I am so happy. Immediately I get the 10,000 1up, I'll stake it, though the 100,000,000 1UP staking portal is closed for a 100%, what we have now 60%, that 60% of 10,000 1up is 6,000 1UP a year. If you calculate it, that's not a loss in anyway.


6000/365 = 16.4 1UP per day.

With the citizenship in place, some newbie find it hard to have this per day. Don't forget that your capital is also intact all through the process. 

16.4 1UP =N200 (Nigerian currency). An amount able to give a man breakfast for the whole year.


2. I'll exchange the 1UP to hive token and then Sports token ok hive-engine. For your info 10,000 1UP in Nigeria money will give N140,000. A total of N140,000 will buy 1,400 hive which inturn will give 46.5 million sports that can be staked for curation reward. 

Sportstalksocial is a website solely for sports content, a tribe /dapp built on hive blockchain.

The curation reward on sportstalk is expected to be @60% APY,  and also with a peck that half of your curation reward is added to the stake automatically each and everyday. Which means 46.5 million sports at the end of the year should give a 50m sports staked at the end of the year. A kind of compound interest. Which mean, my 10,000 worth 1up has earned me an additional 60% profit and my capital has also increased to 16,000 1UP at the end of the year. 

If you find any other business that is as good as this, you tell me.

3. I will buy Bitcoin with it, yes, with a lot of news going on, whoever buys Bitcoin has bought a piece of the future. Yes.


10,000 1UP will give me $372.32


$372.32 = 0.031B

Whoever has these amount of Bitcoin is not a small boy in a world where 70% of Bitcoin owned are not in circulation. The world is changing, and I don't want to be left out of it in any way.

So, the above is how I am going to spend my 1UP. I repeat, I will never, and I can never spend the money on something that will not directly or indirectly bring more money. Never.

Thank you.

The above is an entry into   St3v3 T88888 contest

What can 10000 1UP get you in your Country ?? 5000 1up up for grabs!!


What do you think of uptrend compared to hive as a platform?

Also, what the link to sportstalksocial?

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Uptrennd has a superb marketing strategy. The win of Hive over Uptrennd is that Uptrennd is centralized. YOur points can be zeroed or negated at any time. However, the reward and token burn sink is amazing and I'll not be surprised to see 1UP in the range of $0.5 soon.

Thanks for sharing!

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Very interesting to see you're doing well on Uptrennd. Maybe you'll have to mentor me there.

It's another world on its own bro and the way of way of making the token is through hard labour.
I am not trying to discourage you though.