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My guess is most everyone is seeing much of the same thing on their feed this morning. Lots of negativity and doom and gloom. Knowing that would likely be the case after waking up and looking at the markets this morning, I am deciding to go a different direction.

To be honest, I planned on writing this post yesterday anyway, but I feel it is even more relevant now.

Yesterday I was able to achieve one of the goals I had set for myself by powering up enough Hive Power to put me over 25,000 Hive Power. I had set that as my goal for the end of the year, but I quickly realized I was probably going to meet it much sooner than that.

Sure enough, here we are not even out of February yet and I have finally tipped the scales in my favor.

I think this puts my account in a really good place for the coming year. It also gives me a good stepping stone towards my new goal of 30,000 HP by the end of the year.

Continuing the celebration I was also able to bump my LEO holdings close to 2000 LP yesterday. Late last year I set a goal for myself of having 5000 LP by the end of this year. I realize now it was a fairly lofty goal. I wasn't aware at the time that the rewards from LEO come in on a much smaller scale than Hive.

I still think I can meet this goal and I look forward to doing my best to get there. I think I should be able to easily gain that extra 35 LEO I need to put myself at 2000 LP by the end of the week.


I think these little goals that we set for ourselves are really important. They can help you remain focused and grounded when it feels like everything around you is falling apart.

The super cool thing about Hive and Leo is that as long as we keep showing up every day and posting/commenting/curating, we are still earning. It doesn't really matter what the price is.

I was reminded of that this morning when I was trying to figure out how I was going to get my hands on some more of those Utopis tokens.

Thankfully, no matter the price of Hive or Leo, the current exchange rate is still 3.5 to 1. That is independent of current USD prices and will not change until the project leaders or the buyers/sellers deem it so.

Call me crazy, but I really feel like today is going to be a good day.

We are still on the precipice here and there is a lot to be excited about. With the potential launch of Project Blank right around the corner, I think March and Spring is shaping up to be a season of growth for all of us.

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Good to take a hearty look around and realize not all is lost that cannot be found again. Roller coaster ride, what's new, what goes down must come up again, not so?

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Roller coaster indeed! I feel like I need to strap in a little tighter!

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Tighten your belt and enjoy the ride 😄

That's a great attidude, we have something bigger than the daily price.

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For sure!

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3.5 to 1

I am also surprised by how stable this number was a few weeks ago. I have seen the exchange rate for LEO drop quite a bit after HIVE pumped up. It seems to go back to 2 to 1 every now and then. Maybe I should make room for some funds and place a few orders then sell when the price is higher. It's tough when there's too many things to invest in.

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I agree, there are way too many things to invest in. So many great projects, it is simply too easy to spread yourself too thin!

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Yea there is too many great projects. I think I might focus on a few projects to generate some returns then I can use the rewards after I hit my goal for other projects.

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That sounds like a wise and measured plan!

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Found you off Noise.cash I think and started following you here networking at work lol

About your post though it's crazy how fast peoples emotions change. One day of hard correction that resets a months worth of buying is nothing to be sad about. It's actually a time to celebrate as you can pick up a larger share for LESS! It's a discount for the future you!

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For sure! I just need to build up some kind of special fund for those down times. It feels like I never have the liquid cash when I need it.

There are a lot of things to be positive about. People get so negative at the slightest dip. We couldn't go straight up forever and an occasional correction is extremely healthy. I'm optimistic of our crypto future.

I'm feeling pretty good about my HIVE and LEO goals too. I wish I would have set them a little higher. Shooting for 5K HIVE and 1K Leo by the end of this year.

I think goals are important, not just for HIVE but also crypto and even life. Usually after I chart a project I'll set an accumulation goal along with a target exit price. Hitting that accumulation goal and target price is a great feeling when it all comes together. It can also help with the blues through these dips and corrections.

I always try to stay optimistic though through the good times and bad! Good luck on your goals!

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Thanks, I appreciate it! It sounds like you have a really good outlook on things and a perfect plan for your future. I started all of this at the end of 2017, so this is all still really new to me. Kind of learning as I go and just plugging along because I know one day eventually it will all be worth it!

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You called it perfectly, I was a little bummed too waking up but setting goals and looking at the positive is a really good thing to do. Great job! Who knows... maybe hitting 40K by years-end is realistic.

At this point, nothing in crypto would surprise me!

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