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If you still spend much time on that more well know, but lesser adored platform Facebook, you have no doubt seen posts similar to this on your feed. Assuming you follow some of your local businesses on there. If not, then what in the world are you doing on there? Playing Bejeweled?

Lately I haven't been able to go a day or two without seeing at least one of these types of messages popping up on my feed. It is a sad reminder of how the pandemic is continuing to impact our lives even though the numbers are reportedly decreasing.

What businesses have been left with is a barrel scrape of talent in a barrel that has sadly been empty for quite some time. I don't think businesses even have the luxury of picking top talent these days. It is basically a warm body that you can put in a position.

@cryptoandcoffee wrote a post the other day that is a perfect example of this, lamenting the fact that customer service has all but flown out the window.


I am sure there are plenty of opinions on what led to this...

With the pandemic closing down businesses completely or for take out service only, many were forced to cut staff. Those employees then moved on to either find something else, receive unemployment, or just be totally out of luck.

Now that businesses are opening back up at a limited capacity for dine in customers, they are struggling to bring back those employees they could count on before. As I said, they either moved on and are happy where they are now, they are content living off of unemployment, or they simply moved out of state. That last one actually happens a lot around the country.

I will be honest, I was very blinded to the plight that is taking place in our communities during this whole thing. Working in public education, my job was fairly secure. Neither my wife nor I were forced to take any time off. Sure, I read about businesses shutting down, but I never realized the true impact it was having because I was still able to order my favorite foods and pick them up when I wanted.

Now that the clouds are starting to clear, it is becoming very obvious the vastness of the destruction and disruption that this whole thing has caused.


This isn't just the food service industry either. I have seen countless reports and advertisements for manufacturing and processing plants that need workers to fill positions. A local business the other day was offering to fully train employees with zero experience to be a CNC operator.

There is a huge chicken shortage because they can't get employees to work in the processing plants...

The good news is, there are jobs out there for people that want them. More than they are able to fill. Which doesn't really fit in line with the unemployment numbers we are hearing. I guess that is the difference between having to work and wanting to work. Or something like that.

I think we all know what the reaction would be if they offered some of these jobs to the line of people who are waiting at the Mexican border to enter the US...

I'm just going to leave it at that.

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I can't say I have noticed. The bars etc..., are open and opening for indoor consumption soon. How are things there?

Yes, things are slowly starting to open back up, but the few times we have went out to eat service has been pretty horrible because they are so understaffed.

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That sounds good for someone who wants to get a service job in the US. There are places where such jobs will not pay enough for a man to get a place of his own, and allow him to save. Without savings, the lockdowns forced people to do things. Those living like characters from Friends, will lose roomates or may be forced out. I guess some moved in with relatives or started working in some other activity, that are not so affected by these lockdowns. Some people moved away from their ex-jobs: out of the high rent cities.

One third of the income is the guideline for rent. In reality, for many it's over 100%. I mean a two bedroom apartment and not a big place. These jobs are not enough to feed the landlords.

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I don't disagree that the cost of living is much to high in the country. I know I am blessed that I have the job I do. If I had a family though and I had to work in a service job to take care of my family, I would bite the bullet and do it. My dad did it for 30 years. It's just what you do. I guess I am old school though.

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I guess that's what mortgages are for. Borrow way over your head and at the end of your life, you're broke.

Bah, I plan on having my mortgage paid off 20 years early! :)

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This was beginning to happen even before the pandemic. Something economists have known for a while, but politicians love to ignore, is that the American economy needs immigrant labor to grow. America simply doesn't have enough citizens willing to work (especially in low-wage sectors) to grow on its own.

Jobs are opening, but most of them don't pay enough to cover the expense of working (day care, travel expenses...) well enough to be considered worthwhile. People (especially in service industries) still fear being exposed to the virus, being forced to work in unsafe conditions, and being left without any safety net if they take a job they get forced out of.

America has needed to take a critical look at its labor policies for decades. Now that the squeeze is being put on the employers for a change, maybe that discussion will finally start to happen.

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Great points. I was going to mention that in my post about some people felling it is not safe to return to work and then I went and forgot. Thanks for mentioning that. We have a friend that works in the mortgage industry. She has been closing on houses like crazy lately and had a valid point when she said, how come you get access to the vaccine first, but people like me who are interacting with individuals multiple times a day don't. I agree with her. It should have been rolled out a bit differently. I think people need to just open their minds a little. There are jobs that need to be done. If we aren't willing to fill them, why not give others the opportunity. I feel a rant coming on, but I am just going to leave it at that!

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Well, I gave a follow, just in case that rant happens. I wouldn't want to miss it :D

Haha, don't hold your breath! Thanks for the follow. I shall reciprocate.

A great post, brings a couple of thoughts ot my mind, I have seen first hand when doing interviews, many of the new generation of workers, seem to have an attitude of wanting to not start at the bottom and work up as we in our generation did, but feel they should start off in middle management at least and hence will not take jobs they consider as menial labour

and another factor of now is I feel some are still hesitant to return to work in public facing jobs for fear of the health risk

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I think the health risk is definitely a factor even though many people in the US still think the whole thing is made up. I hear you on the not wanting to work up from the bottom attitude. The entitlement mindset is very real.

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Exactly the entitled mindset

I have a friend who still thinks Covid is a hoax even when two of his sisters had it and an aunt died from it


Oh man, that is horrible. I Think what bugs me more than that are the people who admit it is real, but they don't adjust their lifestyle because of it. I am pretty sure my neighbor had it pretty bad, yet they have people coming and going from their house non-stop.

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Sadly there are many like that
This could have been handled quicker if everyone took it seriously

I think it has more to deal with how they scared people into lockdowns and then started paying people to not go outside. Because of this, some people make more from unemployment and others don't think the extra amount just isn't worth the risk.

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