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RE: What 10 $LEO a day looks like in Venezuela (I invite you to do this)

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Wow, that is pretty crazy! I think that 10 LEO in the US would maybe get you a sandwich or something like that. It depends on where you go. It would be about $5. I might have to do one of these posts as some point. I am glad you were able to get some food to get you through. It sucks what they are doing to the economies all over the world.

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A sandwich? wow, well although here with $5 you can also buy a more complete breakfast, but I will also do soon what can be done with 10 LEO but in relation to entertainment or another topic as you say.

Thank you very much for commenting and sorry for taking so long to reply, the internet doesn't help me.


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No worries. Yeah, 10 Leo doesn't buy you much in terms of entertainment here. I think a movie ticket is closer to $15 or $20 these days!

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