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RE: LEO Whales Are Spreading Stake to New Users | Curator Reward Leaderboard

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That is really cool to see how the stake is being used. I will be honest, I was hoping to see my name in that list even though I don't have a huge stake. I feel like I have been upvoting a ton. Thanks for sharing this info!

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You missed a ton if it is still 2,000.

But keep at it, you will get there.

Your commenting is increasing I see. That is a bonus.

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I am so glad seeing @bozz around here. Gradually, I hope to get as much people I can to leofinance. Unfortunately none of my real life friends are inclined to join Hive and leo.

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This is my problem too, no one in my circle of friends has a clue about Crypto and family members are just not interested. I've only found one other person (just last week) in my extended circle who has owned Bitcoin (now sold); makes it very hard to digest all the information when you have no-one to discuss it with.

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