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RE: Why OCD is the new Curie

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I am guessing there are a handful that probably seem like they get hit more frequently than others. Curie was the same way back in the day. There were definite favorites. I think a lot of that goes back to it being manual curation and just the nature of the human psyche. People like patterns. Sometimes subconsciously.


Yes, but if it is pointed out to them and they keep doing it then it is favouritism :)

I upvote you all the time though, I think that would be favoritism, but is it necessarily bad? As long as they are still spreading their vote around...

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I think each of us has friends they upvote, but if you have a really large vote then it would be nice to spread the benefits. There is the issue of having the time to do that or whether you automate it somehow. I find the thought of being able to give out huge votes a little scary :)

Like I said, I don't see the problem as long as they are spreading it out a little bit. If my account ever gets huge, I want to be able to pay you and a handful of others back for all the support I have gotten through the years. If that handful of people are the only ones I am upvoting though, then something is definitely wrong.

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