BNB strong Movement today // CUB/BNB maybe the new King in Farming?

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BNB/USDT had a bullish run today

The Binance Coin is becoming more and more important it seems. Today I browsed the returns on CUB-Finance and compared the two most important pools. The king is still the CUB/BUSD pool but the CUB/BNB pool is almost equal. If the triumph in the BNB continues now, then there is probably soon a new king.

bnb 4h 2.png

The movement today was perhaps only a technical reaction on the market, but we will see that in the reaction of the bulls. The question today is quite simple, is the corrective now ended or will it still extend. If the bears now take over again, then of course I also have targets on the underside. Some time ago, a Pg was triggered here on a weekly basis and since then it goes nicely upwards. If we are now finished on the upside, then the retracement to the open trigger at $ 282 is a possibility.

bnb weekly 1.png

The only chance for the bulls in the market is to create facts. We simply need a new all-time high to forget the starting points on the underside. Perhaps a new signal will simply form, so that new trades can be made again.

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