Ethereum and the old weekly Trigger Points

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Ethereum break important supports

The consolidation goes on and in many cryptos and today we see deep red numbers. Most of my cryptos like Ethereum are far away from their old trigger points and now it's maybe the time to go back to roots. I am not bearish for the cryptos but most of the prices in some cryptos need to cool down.


Weekly Trigger Points Ethereum

Long time ago i posted two weekly PGs in Ethereum. Now we arrived at the 2K mark after we saw a long rally. 400 - 700% Profit is a huge number for a trader and now it is the time to cash in the money. As an investor you get another chance to reload your position at some cheaper points. Maybe we will build some new big signals and the party goes on but for now i only see the open weely trigger points.

6H PG and a heavy breakout

It's like always, the charts tell you the opportunity for a movement. Some hours ago we formed a 6H PG and got a heavy breakout. For now a short position is to late but maybe we build another signal. If some big bulls are entering the market, we could see a return to the 6H Trigger at 1903$.

In general we break some important supports and the uptrend was crashed. Old supports change into new resistances. Lets wait for new signals and be cool 😎

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Love the disclaimer. LOL

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Me too

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It's missing: "Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments." 🤣

Everyone need to know what he is doing with money. I don't bet my home and garden to do one epic trade. In my opinion this is pure gambling but it's ok when this person know what he is doing. In my early hours of trading i lose a lot of money and i learned a lot out of the fails. Maybe a lot of people have to learn the rules too and the difference to invest in something.

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