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This service is more valuable to one actor than to 100 actors. How will you be sure that you haven’t been infiltrated by bad actors who work for your competition, or will start their own niche websites? Would this agency give you the sole rights to their tools within the crypto niche? What keyword database are they are using? Do they have a single other client paying at this price point of $18k/year? Can you see that contract? Their margins are close to 100%. At least try to get this piece of shit for way less money. A good keyword research tool is free. A great keyword research tool costs under $300 per month. A great SEO could be paid less than $250 a month to do all the keyword research you need and generate all the possible article titles you ask for.

This whole service is just a few SEO tools that have been around since the dawn of Google being pawned off as AI now.

The first tool is a simple keyword research tool. Any SEO/webmaster that knew what they were doing would see they are getting traffic for the search term “Andrei Sikh portfolio”. They should then think… maybe I should make a blog post with the optimal keyword for the title and url on the post. Then I’m going to write a better article than the one ranking 4th for that search term, add photos, add videos, add a bunch of real comments from our community, and build some high quality back links. To put the cherry backlink on top, edit a link into the old article that is already ranked 4th for that term to your new “money page article with the perfect url”.

The second tool is called reverse engineering the competition. This is the most obvious work any SEO provider will do for you.

The third tool is called content spinning. Many writers consider content spinning to be quasi illegal.

Calling spun content or a keyword research tool “AI” is a stretch to me. I had “software company” in 2010 that autogenerated content using articles that that were hand spun with only perfect synonym choices. The articles would have 3-10 variables that I would then have humans insert into my software, or was it AI? I don’t think AI was a buzz term back in 2010 that you could use to attract money. Remember in 2018-19 when every public company was putting out a press release with the word “blockchain” in it and their market cap would pump 8% in the 2 days? In 2010 my software was probably making better content than this AI. At the time I thought saying I had software company was far fetched because in reality I just paid a dev $500 to spaghetti code up my ideas to auto generate content.

The help coming up with article ideas is just giving you long tail keywords that are related to the original term. Anyone with a sharp SEO mind be able to pick the easiest long tail keywords to rank for. It’s humorous to me this write up uses the ethereum chain split example. When the ETH chain forked I was literally thinking… can LEO Finance get one fucking article on the front page about the chain split? 24 hours later... can we get one freaking post on the whole website about the chain split? It was crickets for days on LEO Finance about the biggest topic in crypto. We have Roland Thomas writing about every subject under the moon, but he is flat out a massive crypto noob and his content shows it. Do we need AI or do we need more knowledgable writers? Would it be hard attracting a world class crypto writer because we make robot content that sucks up the reward pool?

2 SEO ideas that will generate way more alpha than this “AI” SEO service company;

  1. Buy
  2. Find a way to get the Leofinance website to load much much faster.

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