Caught Between Surviving & Accumulating My Earnings

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A lot has been said about the many effects of the Covid lockdown of last year but the economic effect cannot be stressed enough. The pandemic took everybody by storm and before you know it, a lot of people who were already living paycheck to paycheck were forced to basically live on government handouts, because there were no jobs to go to anymore and the little they might have saved had already been exhausted.

Even when the lockdown was lifted in many countries across the world, a lot of small and medium scale businesses had already packed up, and those working for them rendered jobless. Many companies downsized, others closed down some of their branch offices and people were asked to work from home. This situation obviously left millions of people unemployed over a very short period of time, I mean millions of people who lost their jobs on top of millions who were already jobless. The statistic in the USA for instance was outrageous.

In order to keep their sanity and also scrap a living, a lot of people turned to the internet for money and succor.

Before the lockdown last year, I had jobs working as a club bouncer and also as a gym instructor but things quickly changed and I was left hanging for dear life. I was forced to resurrect my writing and transcription gigs on and I also did a lot of no-content publishing on Amazon Kindle. All these ventures made me money but non was consistent enough to lead to any kind of savings.

It wasn't until December last year that I actually stumbled upon crypto-based blogging platforms on my many online money chasing. I started off on, earned a reasonable amount there but I soon found their reward system quite random and inconsistent, and that can be really frustrating so I stopped posting there while I explored other platforms. Shortly after, I found out about, and then Leofinance and it has been wonderful ever since.

Now here is the clusterfuck and I am sure the reality is the same for many people on this platform. The reality for many people across the globe is, full-time employment is hard to come by, all things considered, and this has forced many to strictly work the internet, you know, nicking a nickel and a dollar here and there, doing some cool stuff like writing and vlogging.


Many people came into crypto-blogging not driven by the pressure to survive, nor strictly for the money but the technology and access(if that makes sense), these people have the financial capacity to live their lives as good as they would have if they didn't have those 300k Hive stack and 500k Leo stacks. Now, don't get me wrong, I am in no way hating on their stash, as a matter of fact, I envy their stash, I wish to get to the level where I can look at such stash on my Wallet and just smile and say, I don't need any of that right now, I am gonna leave it here and stack up some more...

But, the reality is, not everybody has that financial capacity to just stack and stack, some people earn and liquidate, not because they love to but because they need to. This has even led some people to start cheating the Hive earning system just so they could maximize their earnings, which reminds me of an article by onealfa.leo where he revealed via Hivestats how some old heads on Leofinance were cheating the system by upvoting their own articles 100%.

In response, the individual who felt the post was directed at him came back spitting fire, talking about how nobody knows his financial situation and what it is like being a black male in America and all of that...It kinda hit home.

I am not even critical of the dude because I am yet to understand fully how the whole reward system works but in the meantime...

I guess I gotta roll up my sleeves and try to triple my earnings then, so even if I would have to liquidate, I liquidate just a tiny fraction of my holdings and continue compounding the rest.

How about you, how do you do it? How do you balance it up?

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