Three Reasons Why You Should Be Up-voting Comments On Your Posts

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So I'm going to give it to you straight. I upvote nearly every comment on my posts.

Yes, now would be a good time to hit follow!

And it isn't just because I like to give. It is also because I like to receive.

1. Up-voting Isn't Just About HIVE Curation Anymore

In the early days of hive, you know way back in 2018 or so, up-voting comments was a bad financial deal.

The only thing your upvote could earn or give out was HIVE, and HIVE earnings on curation were non-linear.

I believe this changed recently but I'm not sure, if you know, please drop a comment below.

That meant if you up-voted a low earning post (or comment) much of your voting power was wasted. So not only was up-voting a "meh" post less likely, but up-voting a comment was almost rare.

But then came the Tribes

Now, you not only earn HIVE you can also earn HIVE tokens like #LEO and #SPORTS if you use certain tags in your post.

Better yet, many of the tribes adopted a linear curation model which meant your vote was worth more or less the same no mater if it was a high earning post or a lowly comment.

2. You Are In Control Of The Tags In Your Posts

When you create a post, you add tags to classify it, but can also add tribal tags that you are hoping to earn. I generally will add two or three tags applicable to the post (like here I will add #curation and #upvotes), two or three generic tribal tokens (like #proofofbrain and #neoxag), and then any applicable niche tribes like #leofinance and #musicforlife.

Hopefully you already knew all that, but getting to my point

When you upvote comments in your posts, you and the commenter will earn on the tribal tags you added if you have a stake in them. So unlike a comment in a random post you like, where you only earn curation rewards on one or two tags, you are earning on all the tags you used if you are staking them.

You are staking some of your earnings right?

So assuming I get some comments on this post, I will upvote them (why haven't you followed me yet?), and I and the person leaving the comment will earn a wee bit of #pob, #leo, #ctp, #ash, #neoxag, and #hustler.

It ain't much, but it all adds Up

3. Growth of Your Social Circle

This may be one of the more important parts to long term growth on HIVE. The more people you connect with, the larger your circle gets, the more your posts will earn,

One of the best ways of connecting is sincerely replying to, and up-voting, a comment.

People like to be noticed and they like to earn.

Connections become followers at a pretty good rate, and more followers means more eyes on your posts which means higher earnings.

Do You Up-vote Comments?

Leave me a comment (and get an upvote!) about your thoughts on up-voting comments. Have they changed with the advent of tribes? How often do you up-vote comments?



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I don't post a lot. I do upvote comments on my post when I actually post. I also upvote comments elsewhere (usually try to upvote the post too... seems rude to upvote a comment without upvoting the post, but sometimes the comment deserves it and the post doesn't.)

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I sometimes do something similar. If I feel I already upvoted an author too much that day (sometimes I only log on every few days to read and my favorite authors write at least daily) I go ahead and upvote their comment section.

I feel like if I reward their readers, their readers will come back and read them some more.

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That's an interesting way of looking at it. Reward the readers, to indirectly reward the author with increased attention.

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I up vote most every comment in my posts. I figure if someone took the time to engage I should reward them and return the favor. :)

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Good point!

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"When you upvote comments in your posts, you and the commenter will earn on the tribal tags you added if you have a stake in them. So unlike a comment in a random post you like, where you only earn curation rewards on one or two tags, you are earning on all the tags you used if you are staking them."

I don't think that's quite how it works, actually... curation is rewarded with HIVE and author rewards are paid in the token of the platform used by the upvoter. But you won't automatically earn all the tokens you're tagging.

Post Example: you publish on #LeoFinance and someone upvotes it on #ProofOfBrain, then you will receive POB tokens for their upvote. Then someone else upvotes it on Peakd, you will get HIVE tokens that time.

Comment Example: When a reader leaves a comment, they become the AUTHOR... so then they will be rewarded in the token of the platform YOU use to upvote their comment. So they could leave a comment on LeoFinance and you upvote it on #ClickTrackProfit, they will be rewarded in CTP tokens.

I'm pretty sure the upvotes occur on the different tribes too. Like here, your comment has no LEO or POB showing yet.



Now I will upvote your comment on PeakD.


After giving it a second, I go back to Leofinance and check and sure enough, your comment has a little LEO now.


And over at Proofofbrain you have a little POB.


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Hmm... it does seem to be spread out for comments, you're right. That's part of the problem with onboarding and increased engagement: it isn't exactly clear how these things work. I have yet to find one explanation that covers everything succinctly, especially when you get into things like vote weight multipliers... but even something as simple as curation and author rewards are ambiguous and elusive. If we lose, that's why.

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I totally agree. There is so much to learn to make it here and it is almost all by chance that you find stuff out.

Thanks for the advice. It is helpful to me as I try and grow !PIZZA !LUV

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No problem. Just keep on working and staking. It all keeps on building up.

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I try to respond and upvote all comments on my posts.
I only do about 3 posts a week so it is easy.

I do it as I want to grow my community and interact with people that take time to interact with me.

Good post.


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Hey, aren't you the guy behind HolyBread? I have another post I was thinking about that talks about upvoting certain bots.. like Holybread ... that give out upvotes to help make the upvotes more valuable.

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Yep I'm the Holybread guy :)

A post about upvoting things like the Holybread Rewards Bot would be awesome.
If more people would upvote we could power it up quicker :)

Are you staking any of the Hive tokens too?

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I am stacking LEO, BEER, PIZZA, POB, Dhedge, BRO and a few random others.

I think the non-linear Hive curation ends after the next update, HF25.

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Cool. I remember seeing something in a post, but wasn't sure if it had happened yet.

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I upvote comments. And when I don't blog for a while, I choose an article I like and upvote comments on that too.

I love it when the blockchain makes changes that make what I already do more profitable.

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Yeah the tribes have really changed the landscape, for the better!

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I upvote my comments because I think the tribe tokens are at least something. I think it also incentives people to come back and it shows that I took the time to read their comment. I gave up on getting the HIVE curation rewards and focus more on tribes for comments.

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For me at least, the tribe tokens are worth so much more than HIVE. For my @playbyhive account, I have about $600 of HIVE and a full upvote is worth about $0.04. For this account, I have a couple hundred of #POB and when I give a full upvote it is worth nearly $2.

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In the past couple of months I have been starting to make sure I upvote pretty much all of the comments that are left on my posts. It was a balancing act of finding the right upvote amount without totally killing my voting power, but I think I have it down now. I like letting people know that I appreciate their engagement.

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Yeah, we have to balance that voting power so we can come back tomorrow and do it all again! lol. Have a great weekend Bozz. The snow melt up there yet? lol.

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Oh yeah, it is pretty much gone now! We are looking at some 70 degree days now. Lots of outdoor work happening this weekend! You have a great one too!

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Haha. Yeah, I was jerking your chain a bit. We have actually had a couple of seasonably cold days. Nearly had frost the other day which is very late for the Raleigh area.

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I knew you were down south somewhere, but I couldn't remember where exactly. Hey, you never know in MI. I have seen snow in May before. You could have been totally right!

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Well said, points 1 and 2 are the finacial side while point 3 has the real meat, growing your network is the actual reward, and it will feed your wallet at the same time, keep up your great work.

Thanks Flaxz! It is all about the network in the end.

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It sure is, keep engaging.

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