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RE: Would you people quit your job if you could somehow earn the same amount of money each month but from a different source?

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I quit a 15-year job for a better world. Income to help me cover my daughter's expenses. I took refuge in Hive, there I have helped myself meet my daughter's needs. Together with my brother @ junior182 who is always helping me, we are both with my mother, well seeing how this economy we move forward.

  • Yes, I advise leaving a job with a fixed schedule, to be at home doing post, sharing as a family.
  • You do not have a fixed schedule, you are your own boss.
  • You get more earnings in a day than a month's salary, of course here in Venezuela.

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What else can one ask? Sounds great only even I did great -rewards wise - it still wouldn't be enough to cover my expenses...if Hive / LEO goes 3x up then it's a whole different thing

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