My 1 Week Curation Contest Is Over, Here Is What I Learned

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So a little more than a week ago I decided to do a Curation Contest. My goal was to help and encourage LeoFinance authors with 100% votes from my wee little account of (5,000LP)

The idea was met with a lot of enthusiasm and even some help from @onealfa.leo who delegated me 20,000lp for the week of the contest, and @acesontop who sent me 50 Leo to power up and vote with.

That made the contest great! I was able to vote the winners 2 Leo per post and I felt that was a great amount to be meaningful enough to them.

While it didn't really matter to me what kind of accounts were the "Actual Winners" I was hoping they would be representative of the community at large and I think they were.

I learned that we have some great authors here and a great community. People are willing to work hard and others are willing to reward them. But we have a long way to go because I also learned that curating is hard.

I was very focused on keeping my voting power as high as possible so I could give ten 100% votes each day. I had to let a lot of great content go unrewarded as I saved my voting power.

I realized that we have a lot of Leo Power left on the table every day and I don't know why. If you want to protect your earnings and/or investment in Leofinance then you have to curate at or authors will abandon the platform. It is really that simple.

In closing I learned that @onealfa.leo is an awesome guy. He delegated to me and gave me the power that I have been yearning for. I was given the chance to be a Whale for a week and give out the money and now I know what it is like.

It is a tremendous responsibility and the whales need our help. They cannot do this forever and we all want to earn for posting. It is up to those of us with just a little bit of Leo to make sure we vote on the newer authors trying to find their voices here on the platform.

If we do not we will fail, If we do we will be sustainable. So make sure you vote at least 10 times a day. Do not worry about the content because honestly it doesn't matter yet. Once we reach critical mass then it will be of some concern. At the very least just vote the newest posts and don't worry how good it is. We all have to start somewhere.

I will be doing another contest soon. Thanks to everyone who participated. It was fun!

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It was a great week! Really got me motivated to post on a daily basis. You should do contests like this again, it was a fantastic idea

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yeah, you did great!

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Much appreciated!

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Is it possible to join a curation trail in order to put to better use my Leo power?
Also, which will you recommend?

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I believe it is possible but I don't really know which ones are active. Maybe someone else will chime in with an answer.

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It was an awesome contest that also Led to more engagements on the platform and that is really good

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I make sure to vote enough everyday. Though sometimes I don't use enough and sleep-in so I miss a percent or two.

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I'm not very efficient but I try. But, I feel like manually curating is better for the community at this point.

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It's more fun but time-consuming. You choose what to like and what not to like.

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I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your experiment.

I'm finding it quite hard to keep my voting power from going back over 100% over night. I curate totally by hand and check the new feed several times a day but I don't always vote at 100%. I like to keep that for truly exceptional posts.

It's quite a balancing act! 😊

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I try to keep my VP right in the 80% to 90% range every day. Weekends are probably the exception because I don't really do stuff on the blockchain over the weekends. I agree with you though, curating is hard. It is pretty much a full time job if you really choose to dig into it. It also drives me crazy when I see people leave their VP at 100% for days. You are just leaving money on the table! Why would you do that!

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