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The buzz around LEO is rife at the moment, it's x3 pump over the last month has had plenty of users bullish about the token becoming more than just a platform. LEO is expanding its wings and this lions pride is starting to venture outside its current home of hive. The launch of wLEO will allow the token to work on ETH and give it access to all sorts of exchanges and dapps which could lead to all sorts of opportunities.

As LEO will have demand outside the HIVE ecosystem it puts pressure on the chain that produces the asset and for those who are collecting it through various means, it could turn into a steady additional income in the future.

We assume as new exchanges come online and demand gets pulled from the platform, or so we assume it's given me added incentive to start creating cash flow through LEO.

LEO cash flow.png

Blogging, commenting and curating

So I stick to the usual blogging, commenting and curating, I will probably be using the LEO finance front end a lot more as it becomes more polished and hopefully we get post scheduling since that's the key reason I use Peakd.

I'm netting a daily return of around 15 - 20 LEO per post. I'm netting around $86.21 per month in LEO from posting and commenting while my curaiton sits at around $8.54.

$90 bucks from just what I normally do, not too shabby.


I delegate to LEO voter and it sends me around 0.075 LEO every week or so which I continue to stake and improve my staking rewards.


I recently purchased 8 LEOminers, which I will keep an eye on and see what kind of returns I get, if it looks good I'll continue to grab some more as I look to capture more of that 15% inflation pool dedicated to miner token holders.


I've only got around 5250 LEO so staking isn't a big part of it but it brings me drips and drabs, around 0.07 LEO per month, while it's not much it all ads to the cause right?

Market making

I've yet to go into market making since we did not launch wLEO yet, but I am looking to set one up on dSwap and see how that performs. The token now already has 6 ways I am earning more of it and I am sure that there will be more ways to earn it the future.

Once the wLEO is minted, I really hope to see the ERC-20 token reminted on TRON. I know we're not the biggest fans of the chain, but it's yield farming and DE-FI are so much cheaper than ETH and I'd totally get into it if we had a TRX-20 version of LEO.

My lofty LEO goals

My short term goal is to turn LEO into a $100 a month earning tool for me and then reinvest those earnings to try and compound it over time. Since I don't need the money I can always use it inside the platform or to experiment on other DE-FI platforms in the future.

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What do you good people of HIVE/LEO think?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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LEO is pretty exciting, as much because of what it represents as for simply being a cool project.

LeoFinance is really the first Hive-Engine "tribe" to build and develop a differentiated identity of its own, so it's becoming an example of "building something on the Hive blockchain." With the new condenser built from scratch, its own DEX and various other features in the pipeline, it has broken out of simply "looking like another Steem/Hive clone." And that's pretty awesome!

As a stand-alone idea, LEO was always one of the few of the original SCOT tribes that "made sense" to me. There's a cohesive plan there, a roadmap and an ongoing effort to develop things and keep users engaged. To wit, I created this LEO "alt" account purely to follow LEO content (which, granted, is pretty far removed from a cat blog!) and like you, build a potential secondary stake base.


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Absolutely I think along with splinterlands it’s shown HIVE is a great place to incubate a project but you have to take it further you have to involve other chains, tokens, communities!

You have to offer up soemtbing new, you have to work on adjusting your tokenomics! A lot of other tribes are more set and forget hobbies and that’s fine but then you’re also never going to get people to want to support it as much

LEO is actually shaping a roadmap for what you can do here and hopefully others are paying attention

Isn’t it like 4 am for you lol.

Ah the Leo craze, I’ve always sold the token but now I’m trying to make up for lost time. It’s pretty annoying, I am constantly trying to earn curation through a Leo alt and it’s been 3 weeks and I’ve got jack diddly squat! My choices in Leo curation trails are failing me lol so now I’m following Leo.voter which I guess I should have in the beginning but I’m trying to make up for lost time. Let’s see how it goes!

I would love a 5k stake in one of these tokens, my highest engine token is PAL at a meager 1300 lol

Lol yes it is I got home from soccer at around 11 and I just couldn’t fall asleep so I’ve been messing around online while I watch some Netflix! I’ll surly be sleeping in later today lol

Lol I’m kind of amazed at my curation since I don’t follow the leo voting I just vote manually but I do have some trails I follow so it’s just blind luck that I’m earning and I guess the stake helps

It’s funny I just kept ploughing away I never bought a single LEO it’s all just earned! I’m hoping these leo rally’s give other tribes something to work towards

I’d love it to be sports since I have 700k Of those LOl

Sports would be epic. I have close to half a million now.

Lol I think the sports team are sitting on so much potential with sports betting they could be huge!!!!!

Yeah, but it seems they haven’t done anything over the last year, except move to hive.

LOL totally, I see hustlers wants to do a wrapped coin on ETH and they’ve launched some Non-Condénsor sites but other than that no ones done much! I think many are waiting to BTC to pump coins so they can have capital for development and others are just messing around and having fun which is fine I guess

Yeah, so far hustlers has been a lot of energy mostly and crazy liquidity. Hence the price of the token.

The export of your transactions is super useful for the USA, especially if you have a business. Because they pay tax per transaction.

In the Netherlands crypto is taxed as assets and you need quite a lot of it before you have to pay tax over your possessions on the 1st of January in the new year.

Ah, that makes sense, and why it's useful in South Africa, you only taxed when you convert into South African Rands but they don't check or do they understand the UTX's or completeity behind it so most don't bother filing it.

I don't cash out period so I don't worry I just add to my ledger and forget it

fantastic advices, leo would give us in the future a great support.

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Glad you found it valuable, I think as those who are generating leo through our content we are the market makers and need to supply the liquidity for new efforts

It’s a unique business model and I’m keen to see how far it can be taken

Well the time say us how it would development sr, hope this proyect grow a lot to let us be a reference as the financial newspaper in the blockchain.

I think the newspaper part will happen I’m sure they will have their own curated section soon! I’d love to see more dapps using leo like publish0x and getting it into things like merchant payments

Curated section ✅


We are working on a little button on the bottom right which will say "See More Curated Posts" and feature a filterable curated content feed. Coming Soon :)

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Nice one Khal, looking forward to seeing the LEO mag once it’s finally launched!

Great to see them making good progress.

It’s inspiring to see a project take the building blocks, rip up what they don’t like and add features they like and growing with the platform! Providing feedback and watching it shape right infront of you

It’s like a for users by users kinda thing

Around the steem hard fork people were telling me not to invest in LEOMM, (mega miners) because it was risky, but it was also cheap.

I’m now earning about 1,2 Leo per 3 days.

Ah you made such a good call I didn’t know much about miner tokens so I didn’t bother getting into it I regret it now but better late than never I suppose

Oh then you might not know yet that leomm are mega miners, that count as 4 regular leom miners. So your returns might be a bit irregular and it could be 1-2 weeks before you see the first reward.

Ah thanks for the tip I still need to do the math on all of this but I did buy 8 more miners today so let’s see if that helps! There’s still thousands available and I assume since they not staked that’s good for us that do stake

Yes it does.

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