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RE: Hive; Your Favorite Shitcoin?

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Thanks mate, we don't have to agree abs isn't that why we want uncensored opinions? Or we might as well go into echo chambers back on old social media

I don't agree with being put up as a scapegoat by the author to take the moral high ground but that's his choice.

I couldn't be bothered because I'm not emotionally tied to things like I've been depicted in said article

I just thought someone might want my opinion if all they take from the article was im sitting here posting FUD all the time! Anyone is welcome to check out my blog and judge for themsleves


You have gotten this utterly wrong, I didn't depict you as being emotional @chekohler I was only talking about that user who talked about hive being a shitcoin I only made reference because I liked the response you gave to him and asked why he was being too emotional. That was what I utterly tried to express in my first paragraph. Your stance was what I could have easily told him. Being overly emotional might make you reason rather illogically. Thanks for your detailed response.

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Lol oh that was on someone else’s post about swift cash I remember that person! Not someone I would try to reason with

Exactly my point, I remembered you asking him why he was so emotional