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RE: Update on my Mandatory Army Enlistment

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Damn that’s a bit of a stick up the arse, doesn’t sound too much like democratic freedoms to me! Sounds pretty commie like, even we don’t have mandatory duty my country can suck my ass lol

All the best with your service to your nation


there is some logic behind it and that logic is mainly Turkey which is our enemy since ever :P and each day they do illegal movements on our borders with airplanes and such but the funny thing is that in the mandatory army we aren't learning anything.

You are basically, waste 1 year of your life, cleaning and do a bunch of other chores that the higher-ups tell you to do because they are bored. Imagine that throughout the year we get to use the gun and do some shooting once and if we are lucky maybe twice per year for a couple of minutes only :P

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