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RE: wLEO is a Long-Term Value Add for the LeoFinance Ecosystem

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That’s brilliant I don’t know much about Thor chain will have to read up about it! I also see that COSMOS has ERC-20 minting so we could also leave the wLEO on that chai and any dApps they have! LEO is laying the roadmap for other tribes to do the same and apply the token in unique ways


Prof K also told me to research Cosmos and something called Desmos. I still have it bookmarked and need to do some deeper research about it.

The more I learn about DeFi, the more I realize there is yet to discover. wLEO is all about collaborating with projects in the broader crypto space, so we'll always keep the doors open and look for projects that are willing to list/work with us. I think this is extremely bullish for LEO and Hive in the long run.

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I’m actually working on a post on re-minting options now avialable as the stop gap for interoperability and atomic swaps! I see tron is also launching theirs soon called

So imagine all this opens up having access to ETH, Cosmos, THOR and TRON dapps and exchanges that’s going to drain liquidity pretty fast

I’m actually watching leo moves and learning from the journey as I’d like to build something similar in the future

That sounds fascinating. I'll give it a read when it goes live.

The accessibility we get when there's a wLEO token bridge out there is amazing. We'll have our hands full for the forseeable future digging into all the ways we can collaberate and connect with these other chains and protocols. Exciting times!

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