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RE: The Argument Over Bitcoins Value

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I am sure there are plenty of stories like that of people thinking BTC is a moon shot, and even before that there were other bubbles like real estate, well it still is and so people continue, they chase the gains at the top and don't take the time to learn about whats going on

By the time things are in mainstream news its usually too late. I've been buying BTC since the drop from 20k down to 3 and I buy every month and told people to put in a little bit each month, no one did.

Now that it's over 20k people want to buy, lol I don't get people sometimes

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Lol yeah thats the mentality!
I've been telling people to buy btc and other good cryptos like xrp, zilliqa, xlm and others. Everybody made fun of cryptos. Soon there were news all over tv, magazines and newspapers they came asking me how to buy btc...

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