40,000 Hive Power

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With the price of Hive now it is much easier to obtain more influence. I am now 40K + in holding Hive power. Big day for me.


With Hive being relatively cheap at the moment I mentioned it is much easier and cost effective to own 100,000 Hive Power of course only if you believe in Hive than you would continue to buy, I still have high hopes for this blockchain. 3speak with its new token idea, LEO finance booming, Sunday games brining a monster game to the blockchain.

I don’t know about you but hive does seem very very attractive right now it’s really cheap so if you recently bought at the highest obviously you’re in negative right now but don’t lose hope because hive... hoping that it will explode in the next bull run or current bullrun let’s see what happens right now it’s at $0.118083, up from $.109 do we have a 7 cent floor for hive?


Steem did hit around seven cents couple years back I believe I mean it’s not too hard to believe that Hive can also hit seven cents I think though Hive is going to bottom out at five cents a coin now that is drastic drastic downfall, let’s see what happens let’s see if the community can step up, if the developers that know what the hell they’re doing step up, attract more people, on board people I mean we have the tools.

Marketing is a very big issue within Hive, it was with Steem and it continues with Hive. I mean how is this Blockchain.. how is this platform going to expand if we just continue to stick inside Hive. If we still continue to attract people on hive with new games, with new investment opportunities. we have Hive-Engine we have people that already know what hive is we need to bring in new people we need to bring in people that are attracted to these things, these projects so they can go ahead and unload some coins and trade for some hive we are going in circles with this issue.

There is so much more that Hive can offer people we need to attract them and by Hive being at a such low price it’s easier for people to get a stack in and influence and earn $$$

100,000 K power up here I come just 60K more.


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Nice power up and with it you can influence some changes around. A good long term investment and enough juice to make it matter. And if you don't mind show a little bit of that love to @leofinance witness and give it a vote to bring more business value to Hive.

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Thank you, Yea I have a strong feeling on Hive reason I've been buying this whole year. It is a Long term investment and with a couple of tweaks here and there this places will be onboarding thousands. Goal of 100k is not to far of a reach.
Ohh, right on I totally forgot they had a witness up, will do that now.

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It’s tempting to buy more at that price.
But do we expect Hive to improve and deliver or are we hoping for great second layers to pull Hive up ?

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For me its a nice price to get some bags, I can't say about others but I think its a great move and with all the new additions this year to hive I see it mooning, conservative for me $.75

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I guess I will buy some more in the coming days. Still didn't decide if I will power it up or trade it for LEO :)

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 38 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Looks like you and I are on a similar Hive Power path with similar thoughts about Hive. This place has so much to offer, it’s just a matter of getting it seen by the eyes of people outside of our current ecosystem. If only the world knew what we already have, it’s bound to be apparent eventually. Consistent work is sure to result in a massive success. Marketing is huge, we need some experts in that division to get involved.

Yea man Hive is a hella nice all around token. It has so much to offer and give. You are right about that.

Once mid 2021 hits you bet Hive will be at a nicer level.

Marketing is what's missing for HIVE.

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Great work, @chronocrypto!

I'm on my way to get 30,000.00 HP.

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Nice Man I see you working on that HP keep un powering and if you can purchasing. CHEAP GOLD nugget right in front of our eyes.

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have some !wine
and !BEER

Are you buying in with xtra Fiat??

All with that DOORDASH mula

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