Added some liquidity to SWAP.HIVE:NEOXAG

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So hiveengine the team has finally released I guess you can Defi pools but on the hiveengine platform or the Hive Blockchain whatever you wanna call it we have diesel pools now the reason for this post is I wanted to share with you a quick little addition to the investment of growing your wealth.

Neoxian commented on the element platform in his neoxian city he let us know he opened a swap.hive:Neoxag pool to provide liquidity yea just like Uniswap!! That’s dope.


Which got my attention I have high respects for Neoxian and to provide for the pool would be an honor, and I know it will Grow in time, grow wealth!


So I was able to add some liquidity to the pool, I don’t think it pays out anything yet*.

Come and provide for pools it doesn’t have to be Neoxag but it be dope to have Hive do everything a blockchain should be. Well than.


Diesel Pool

I added 487.58 Swap.Hive and 120331 Neoxag let’s go to the moon!

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This is really a great news indeed. Neoxag let’s go to the moon!

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Nice this is great news to see more tribes having liquidity pools.

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Will be adding some to to cannabis fam

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Nice, I think it is good to add some to a few pools as they pop up

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Does @aggroed hate HiveSigner?

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Why would you use Hivesigner when we have Keychain? :D

I feel that Hivesigner is easier to use.

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Damn :D

I hate that I have to copy my keys xD

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 45 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

That is really cool. I need to hop over there and really dig into this platform to see if I can throw anything in there. I want to get involved a little, but I don't have the funds to play around in the ETH waters. This might be a really good training ground for me.

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I think you have to put me through all these because I can't just be looking

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Gonna be interesting to see how these tribe pools developes over time and if more tribes jumps on the train!

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It's going to be interesting when they finally build the reward system for the diesel pool. I wonder if people will decide to add their tokens to the liquidity pool or stake them when it happens.

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Are there more directions on this lol I put in my amount but it wont let me click Add Liquidity

You must put what ever token plus hive. So if you put 10,000 Neoxag than you have to add the same amount in $ as hive.

I know about liquidity pools, but WTF is a "diesel" pool...??? Search-engine results returned nothing about "diesel" relating to cryto/finance. How is a "diesel" pool different from a liquidity pool...? Where did "diesel" come from...? 😐

It's the name that the Hive-Engine team gave to their version of DEFI.

ah, so that's why it didn't show in search-engine results. 🙄 Thanks!