Delicious DIVS are upon us Utopis Mode

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It looks like you Utopis has been having a good day today as far as the market goes.

Over $1200 bucks has been sold and bought within Utopis, It also looks like some people are under cutting the 3.5 price of Utopis, I would call these people "Speculators". True to one thing! the truth to create profit from any opportunity.

Utopis Market Depth 4.16.2021 - 126 PM.PNG

Now it’s cool, Especially because hive is super like every single weekend ever since I started project Utopis I feel like I alone pump the price of hive 10% 20% made your bump it up to 35%… I only kid the purchase that I do for hive does not compare to the purchases that are being done pumped and dumped into hive.

Utopis market.PNG

Just remember if you purchased Utopis from the market from me you are helping the project grow you are not only earning passive income as we all call it but you’re also hoping the project itself grow into a chunky DIV machine. Keep on stacking if you’re able to keep on earning really appreciate you all.

Big news today which is Friday I’m just chilling right now Vibin after coming back from Garden Grove and doing some dashing I came up on top it was good and I can safely say my $1800 goal might be reached might be a little bit under no more than $100 though.

Let’s see what happens I will give you guys an update later tonight on my income my profits I should say from Monday to Friday tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday I will chill in the mornings but then I will go ham during dinner rush and you best believe I’m gonna do my dam hardest to reach over $1800.

Happy Friday y’all expect some very delicious DIVS this coming Monday soon.


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I managed to stack a few more UTOPIS since some poor soul decide to dump a bunch of them at the price of 2 HIVE. I am looking forward to the nice dividends.

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It is nice to see it keep growing.

You are doing very well. It is a terrific project to serve as a proof of concept. We can really take what you are doing and bring more projects that attract USD and use that to buy Hive.

It is a great way to add buy support.

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Good work and glad you took a little time off to recoup :) always important otherwise you'll burn yourself out. Do we need to hold the Utopis for a set amount of time or just as long as it's in our account at the time of the drop Monday morning? (at least for me EST time zone)

As long as it’s in your account before payout.

Which is 12:00 AM PST

You are a hustler as always.


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Great work buddy! Go get that $1800 goal!

Not gonna lie, bought around 70 Utopis for 2 Hive the other day but I just couldn't resist hahaha! Gonna keep adding more UTOPIS in my holdings, that's for sure!

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