Passing Gems amongst the community, we all make MONIES

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It’s nice to have people in our community and in touch with you as far as providing information because let’s face it one person can do so much, can research so much ... especially on the topic of cryptocurrency… Now even more than ever we must be vigilant, we must do our own research but it’s hard to jump on every single project that pops up every single day..

Couple of days ago there was something called safe moon I was told about it got in a small bag cashed out at a high mark made some monies.

But most of us are focused on hive and on hive engine tokens due to Leo Finance and cubdefi a lot of us were able to jump in to Binance coin (BNB), Regardless of the history of finance and everything else that happened with that situation we are still stuck in using one of the most used cryptocurrency’s in this bowl market many projects many DEFI projects are moving from Ethereum to be Bnb.

I mean we have cub define that is on the BSC which is a smart contract for BNB, and again I was never really interested in BNB because of the history, But in order for us to make some money in this current bull market, in this influencer doge kick to the man type of thing.

Doge, What a joke but it’s worth billions so jokes on us?

So again back to the topic I was able to go ahead and get some information from a couple of trusted members in our community I would say and they presented me with some information as far as something similar to safe moon or safe Mars all on the Bnb market it is a DEFI, And well the purpose of the matter is we all make money I suppose so I was able to dump around .9 BNB to something called our glass hmm!

Now of course this is not financial advice I am able to use close to 1BNB and be able to sleep at night just like Ray from the @mancave and @bearbear613 from the man cave said.


I was first contacted by @abrockman on glass I glanced it a bit but I forgot!! This was last night ( Remember as I said it is hard to keep up on all the new information and new projects) this morning I picked up a nice bag of 80850085616 GLASS. Damn what is that in a real number 80,850,085,616?

Read more about it here.

Our Glass contract is live 0x9c9d4302a1a550b446401e56000f76bc761c3a33



Adjust slippage to 20 and small buys of 0.1BNB max if your tx fails

I am invested as I said,


But again this is not financial advise and DYOR!!!

Easy 100x to the moon 🚀

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 53 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Oh shit I'm glad my Bears Lives Matters Nickname is now on the blockchain..

Gonna get fucking cancelled now ;o/

But is true, bears lives matters

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