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In honor of the Hive Power Up Day or PUD lets look at the power up of HIVE, LEO, WEED, Ecency and other front ends of Hive both how it works and good resources and tips for content and account power up.

Both means of getting HP and simply promoting on different front ends using their crypto while theses tips are obvious for some others may have less experience with hive.
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While you whales are rocking ultra instinct they just learned kio ken so give them a chance to catch up

Front Ends

Front end definition (adj)- The frontend of a software program or website is everything with which the user interacts. From a user standpoint, the frontend is synonymous with the user interface.

For example,,, & are all considered front ends to hive just as hive is also its own front end. rambling aside the point is as we all know these are all connected and this is the important aspect for todays topic.

While peaked and hive require users to promote with HP or hive the others alow you to power up posts or in leos case accounts with their own crypto IE LEO, WEED, or in escencys case points. This is useful because you dont want to spend hive or HP if u can help it because its also your RC resource credits for posting, re-blogging, or your curation/ curation bots.

Free power

There is a couple of options here depending on weather its HP or power used to promote posts
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Gift giver will give you HP for new users or those whom have less than 200 HP and free hive to all users every hour dont know why this isn't more popular its a HIVE faucet.
ecency their post promotion service utilizes points and they give you points just for being logged in called heart beat about three to four days of use will give me enough points to promote my post for 1 day. this gives more views to your content for free that's not a bad thing if your having trouble getting views this will help.

Pay to promote

This can already be done with hive however I find that the cheaper coins are easy to stock up on and work the same way if a little less efficient. My favorites to promote with are Hive List or LIST, WEED, or ARCHON. however I'm bias because I post allot of content there which is a major component of this you need to either post on or hashtag your post with the corresponding front end tag to utilize it to promote the content IE it needs to be tagged Weedcash to promote it with WEED.
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The big dogs or cats I guess Leo allows functionality that rivals that of Hive itself you have HP( hive power) and LP or Leo power. they work in the same way and since Leo finance has its own wrapped system it can effectively be used without a hive account.

As a proof of concept this account is just that a wrapped account through meta mask without Hive connected at all. As an experiment I'm trying this out so far so good fairly impressed with this feature and believe strongly in LEO as a long term investment because their project originality when compared to other versions and even hive it wouldn't surprise me to see hive become the steemit and Leo would then be the front runner front end as it where.

LHP (liquid hive power) and savings

Liquid hive power is a tradeable asset on hive engine this gives you HP for hive on a 1 to 1 ratio. The savings option gives you a HP boost for the amount in savings which is less than just powering up but the assets can be retrieved much quicker 3 days compared to 3 months. Both of these options can be looked at as temporary power investment in comparison to just powering up or purchasing HP.
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I'm still learning as everyone should always be but I have enough experience to share some wisdom. Obviously this means I probably missed some services or functions I would like to hear all about it in the comments Learning is always fun.
Converse is also true anything mentioned here that you want further clarification on ask me in the comments and ill try to help.

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