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RE: Santander Showing What Is Happening On Multiple Levels

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Automation is going to lead to many social issues - just as the rise of industrialization did 200 years ago.

The question, of course, is why are industrial countries importing so much unskilled labor when it will not have jobs for them, let alone the existing population.


Great question! Just another of the myriad reasons the immigration policies (or lack thereof) are so ridiculous by the Democrats in the US. It is strictly a political move to "buy" votes. They have absolutely zero interest in improving the country. They just want to make it so they can stay in power. Shameful.

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Automation will lead to many social problems, ones that politicians will not fix.

And your question shows how the immigration situation is a political one, not an economic. If your family is starving, and you have only a minimal amount of food, not even enough to sustain your kids, do you invite 10 more people to eat with you?

This is akin to the policies in many areas.

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