RE: Input needed: What do you think about a token 'linked' to my future trading profits & backed by HBD?

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The idea is interesting, but I would like to know something more: after trusting you, will you make a report, for example weekly, specifying how you invested the capital? Will the token holders receive a return in HBD on a monthly basis or will you use the rewards for other strategies?

I have 500 HBD for your project 😉


Weekly-biweekly report 100% sure.

In that reports, I'll talk about my current thoughts, and of course my positions.

I recently had an even better idea about $$ allocation, I'll give it a couple of hard thoughts since I need to sort all of them better I'll be disclosing them on a future post.

Regarding the compensation. NO, I'm not going to face the pain of giving weekly/monthly airdrops/dividends.

Instead, I'll be 'increasing' the intrinsic value of the token:

  • Allowing you to exchange it for a higher amount

let's say that you purchased tokens worth of 500 HBD. And 1 month later I'm 10% up.

Then you'll be able to send me back the token and I'll be returning to you your 550* HBD [(main investment + profit) - withdraw/buyback fee].

  • Another option is to set up a buy wall. But since the price of HIVE fluctuates the fund could lose money if HIVE spikes up very fast. So I'm more convinced about the first option.

Hope that solves your doubts, if needed, keep asking! :)

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