Sports Token: A Nice Jump!

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As every morning I observe the trend of the tokens I own on the LeoDex charts and look at what a nice pump Sports has done in the last hours!


While Bitcoin has resumed its climb and has exceeded $ 12,000, almost all cryptocurrencies are in the red and the market is waiting to understand if we are ready for a Bullrun or is it just a momentary recovery of the reference digital asset.

Sports token is an asset that can give potentially greater profits than most of the cryptocurrencies on the market: in the last 24 hours there has been an increase in value of almost 200% going from the value of 0.00022 Hive and touching 0.004!

The Sports Token market is currently largely underestimated for its intrinsic value. The number of sports enthusiasts in the world exceeds one billion people and you will understand the potential well.

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I was looking on the website behind the SPORTS token and I see a lot of ActiFit content and other ones which look more like a copy paste from different news sites. While the domain has potential, I think they need to do some real cleaning if they want to become serious as at the moment they seem to allow and promote low quality content.

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crypto bull seems imminent :) nice surge for sports.

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