The success of Leofinance? The community!

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In recent weeks, the name of Leofinance has been spreading on the crypto web and beyond, as indicated by Alexa ranks, reaching the position number 91,367 today. Look where it was 90 days ago... An Olympic gold medal leap!


How successful has Leofinance been?

Leofinance has started a long development plan that has given birth to the Leodex, Hivestats and Leopedia. The launch of WLEO and the release of Leoinfra opened the door to potential millions of Ethereum users who for the first time got to know the Leofinance portal and discovered that by writing good financial content they can get rewards. But that's not the only reason to be here.

The interaction between users grows every day, each post collects dozens of comments, people asking questions, asking for advice, providing support. A mechanism that becomes more and more solid and is also continuously consolidated by the rewards obtained for commenting on someone else's post!


And often you get more rewards by commenting on other people's posts than by writing new posts! This simple but very strong mechanism has the media effect that is allowing Leofinance to climb the Alexa rankings. Word of mouth among users is the best way for a community to be appreciated. There is no single success. Community success exists!

I invite you to read this interesting post by @leo.stats where you can read the amazing data of a platform launched towards success! Staggering numbers with a 500% increase in comments in the last month

We continue to interact and increase Leofinance and build the only true financial platform!


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Commenting and assisting people outside of full content is most helpful, this grows the trust factor, is an amazing way to grow yourself with others.

@tipu curate

Sure! interacting with others also means learning a lot more than you might already know.

There is no limit to knowledge 😊

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The interaction between users grows every day, each post collects dozens of comments, people asking questions, asking for advice, providing support.

That's the description of a successful community. This community has a future, I truly believe that.

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Of course, if we are here it is because we all believe it ♥️

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The community is absolutely the best part of Leo.
Without the community then Leo would just be another token.

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It is true, the community is very strong and linked to the project, beyond the mere economic aspect.

This is very important in order to build a solid foundation for future new users

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The community and engagement through comments are crucial on social media network... If there is no engagement, what's the point of it?

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You are absolutely right, community is crucial for the solidity of a project. It's definitely not about building a strong community that actively engages users.

A great merit to those who built everything from scratch

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It's deffo a community thing, Khal has built a great eco system from Leo and i think things are going to continue to grow :)

Great post and thanks for sharing

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Cheers !BEER

I love BEER 😊♥️

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Me to :)

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thanks for this post, I'm starting to use Leo Finance too