HivePay Updates & INDEX Additions

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As The Market Goes Up...The INDEX Token Rises!.png

A few quick updates to keep you guys in the loop to what we've got brewing :)

HivePay Live Demo

We had a request from @thelogicaldude to create a live working demo of Hive Pay for people to see it in action...So today we created just such a feature!


=> You can test it out right here!

In a nutshell it'll let you see how the cart works for both checkouts and one time purchases for products.

It's pretty smooth if we do say so ourself :)

If you are having any issues or have any questions with HivePay, please let us know in our Discord channel!

INDEX Additions

The INDEX Token is designed to capture and follow the benchmark of the entire market on Hive-Engine and LeoDex. And we're continuing in the mission to index the market by adding new tokens later today:



This is a newer 'income token' that is capturing the attention of many people in the market. It'll add a ton of value to INDEX and help generate even more dividend rewards for our token holders.

Very excited to be adding this one to the mix!



One of the original communities and tokens on Hive Engine, 'Neoxag' is the currency of Neoxian.City

Honored to get this project into INDEX and support it's community as well! We'll be staking this, as well as curating with the @he-index account going forward too!


INDEX is a buy and hold. It's not designed to be flipped daily but of course, everyone can do as they please. That's the beauty of the free market!

We will continue to add more projects to the INDEX and grow the account to give maximum dividend rewards to holders going forward.

And looks like we'll be building the @dcitygame city for INDEX as well very soon...So expect even more SIM rewards shortly.

And of course, we'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve INDEX for everyone involved! Is Almost Ready!

And oh yeah....Get ready for the boom ;) is about to get relaunched....Very soon!


I like the demo! And looking forward to the value the new tokens will bring to the INDEX. Just curious, how close is STEM token to get into the INDEX? I see it mentioned often lately by the SPI guys, and personally I always had a soft spot for it.

Ah, I haven't been paying attention. I see STEM is already in the INDEX. Awesome!

Yeah man, one of the first tokens we added :)

Glad to know about the addition of DHEDGE and NEOXIAN on INDEX.
The index is a great coin and I am increasing my stake slowly reaching to 1k mark.
Excited about the relaunch of ctptalk website. thanks for the update Jon

Awesome to hear that man!

Yeah can't wait for the relaunch....Been a long time coming!

That is really awesome to hear the improvements and additions you are making to the tokens. I picked up some more INDEX just this past weekend. I am really excited about this hold.

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@clicktrackprofit, "Relaunch", sounds like CTPtalk is about to gain rapid positive hype soon.

Good wishes from my side team and stay blessed.

Crossing fingers :)


Solid additions to the index fund. I'm going to need to check out the first Dhedge first time hearing of that one. Look forward to seeing what you have in store for CTP!

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Dhedge is doing pretty good, about 15% APR annually. Still in Alpha phase. The best part is it holds assets of multiple chains, so by just holding dhedge we can contribute to all. It is by Archon community. :)

We love it, such a cool project and so happy to get it included!

It's really cool. Another income token which we can't seem to get enough of LOL

I like the new additions to the INDEX holdings. They both have been a part of mine and I will be glad for the additional dividends (especially the DHEDGE...I love getting dividends of tokens that will give me more dividends [can you say exponential growth?]).

Yup, takes the away the need for people to just buy and sell. The whole idea behind this project is to reward holders every day.

...and HODLers. 😁

Wow.. Great news... So much coming along. Index will surely moon with hive engine developing and capturing more projects. dcity is great, I hope soon we will have some utility of DEC in Uniswap pool, locked. :)

Looking forward to new interface and see what it brings out. I'm close to my 500 CTP target yay...

That's a really good point. About DEC.

So many opportunities on this blockchain for sure.

Dhedge has been added ? Amazing . I just bought 600 too :)

waiting for

Awesome sauce!

Yeah it's close...We can't wait to launch it!

yeahh i am so excited!

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2021 is going to be legendary!

Thanks for that demo! The visual representation made much more sense seeing something in action vs just going through dev docs. For us, not so much devs, haha, it helps to bring things into focus! Can't wait to get things integrated!

They love the super complicated things...Me, I can't even turn on my computer some

It's great to add two more tokens that will generate dividends. Definitely looking forward to seeing the new ctptalk :-)

Yessir! Slow and steady wins the race. We just keep growing and building!

Hope it gets launched soon

I'm eager to see how the new interface looks like 😎

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I can't wait, it's going to be awesome!

thanks for the update.
It is great to see that index is growing.
dhedge also gives out dividend, which is bonus

I am looking forward to the new CTPtalk website.

Investing in dcity is also great for index as well as token holders

Yup it just stacks...DHEDGE ends up paying dividends, we pay the rewards from that too!

yeah, its a win win for all
A candy in one hand and icecream in another hand :-)

Well ok great

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