Even Bitcoin is very young, and Uncle Elonk knows it ...

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Uncle Elonk ... If the same one who took bitcoin from 35k to 60k, he has done it again.

And it is that the one previously revered by many and now hated by almost everyone, recently took out a tweet, where he announced that one of his emblematic companies such as Es Tesla, would stop accepting payments in bitcoin, which caused a fall of close to $ 10k .


Now the question arises, is Uncle Elonk a master of manipulation? It seems that old fox does not forget his bad quotes a famous saying, and that is that the past had already summoned Elonk years ago, accusing him of manipulating the stock market. of values.

What a way to do it, and while he came out unscathed from the altercation with the SEC, now many in the crypto world are wondering if he's doing it again? But this time with cryptocurrencies.

Elonk relies on the high cost and impact of energy that he uses to bring bitcoin to life.

Leaving a new question,
Since he claimed that he will look for some currencies that use 1% of energy than bitcoin.

What now puts the coins of POS (proof of Stake) in the eye of the hurricane.

Let's take advantage of getting out of context a bit and imagine that one of those that Uncle Elonk chooses is Hive and with her her entire ecosystem, well, congratulations, we're not just going to the moon but to stardom ...

Going back to reality a bit, we can bring up coins like ETH, Ripple, Stellar, algorant. To name a few, but being realistic we do not know that he is going to choose Uncle Elonk now, and less in an environment with more than 4 thousand different cryptocurrencies.

What is curious about all this is that Uncle Elonk now cares more than ever about the environment, when many of the components of his cars, to be produced, cause a negative impact on the environment.

Wow, it seems that it does not agree much with what was said on Twitter. From here many have drawn their own conclusions and have branded the billionaire of manipulating the ecosystem.

At the time this article is published, Bitcoin is trading above 50K, which makes clear, the great wall of purchase that lay at 45K.

Perhaps what is really frustrating is that one man can move the entire market, which reminds us of the great space to travel that still remains, in order to have a solid capitalization, and it is much more complicated for this type of situation to occur!

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Perhaps what is really frustrating is that one man can move the entire market

Perhaps what is really depressing, is that so many people can be so easily manipulated...

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you've hit the nail on the head ... and it's a lot like real life, where only 1% move and manipulate the remaining 99%.

Heck ... when that day comes when moving the entire market will be something as simple as trying to push an Egyptian pyramid ...

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