The micro job or "tasks" seen from another perspective

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Although it has been known for many years, it is not until now that recent studies have determined that micro work and do not be fooled by its name, is an industry which moves large masses of millions of dollars squeezing the "self-employed workers "in order to comply with the business concept of" maximizing "profits.


To define in detail what micro-work is we have to, although not mention a company, if we can refer to lad platforms which offer small payments for "tasks" performed, and it is that very surely at some point you went through one of these companies and perhaps In the least case, you have made some money.

A hidden reality

These platforms function as subsidiaries for large corporations, in this way they can lower costs that very surely and due to the salary standard would have to drain their coffers much more and precisely for this reason it is highly profitable for them to delegate these functions to platforms like this .

Currently, large companies that join this work trend continue to grow, ranging from data collectors, content digitization, customer service, social media service and the latter, and although this is beyond the imagination of many, this is where The names of some companies such as Disney, Banks and the list goes on, because it is a model that borders on slavery, companies such as Facebook and Apple according to new lawsuits, affirm those affected that they are forced to sign several clauses of confidentiality, in this way they can ensure and keep this type of situation as tight as possible.

The Big Savings in Operating Costs

When looking to outsource a service like these, the main company dictates the guidelines and guidelines to this type of platforms so that in this way they are in charge of looking for "self-employed workers" who meet the requirements which are sometimes of a high standard , for which the final work is of very good quality but at an absolutely ridiculous payment ... Perhaps you could ask for more !! And as if that were not enough, these companies resort to hooks that later turn out to be lies in order to capture the greatest number of people who carry out this type of "tasks", promising a certain amount of money per hour, but when taking it to reality and averaging approximately 15 minutes that it takes these people to perform a "task" it is impossible to earn the amount per hour at which they started this type of work.

efficiently from the 3rd world

It is somewhat paradoxical that these "self-employed workers" in search of taking charge of their economy, do so collectively as is the case of world-class delivery companies which operate on all continents of the globe, we are on our way to automation and none of this is possible without data collection, and what better way to collect data at a very low cost than using these people who are not paid social security, benefits, vacations, accident policy and the list can go on ...

There is a saying that quotes "A lie well told, turns into truth". These specialists dominate the art of letters and it is more than evident how subliminally they manage to deceive large masses into believing that they are truly "autonomous" when in reality they are good employees with very low remuneration. I would like to understand how this business model differs from the slavery industry of the past? And although which to this day can be seen in countries like Ivory Coast to cite an example, this model is used in first world countries!

A light at the end of the tunnel

Little by little former workers and people who have performed this type of work are raising their voices to try to put a stop to this great industry and although it will not be easy at all, it is to applaud and at least the first steps are being taken. Obviously it will be a very unequal battle since there are large corporations which are behind these micro work platforms have infinite resources, contrary to those who dare to speak.

Although technology has brought us great advances, helps and even joys, this seems to be the ugly and dark part of certain sectors in the network, which makes it clear that a parabolic growth throughout these years and without an obvious correction is not healthy for an industry that is becoming more and more necessary in everyone's life.

All this said, it is very possible that the next time you see this type of platform you will have another perspective. Meanwhile, it will be until another next installment.

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