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RE: Engagement=Earnings , how much author rewards did Leo users earn only for their comments in past 7 days ?

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awesome to see that I made it in the top ten earners from comments :) I would like to thank all my sugar daddies for making it possible :P


Rofl . I know right . I was actually surprised I made it to top 10 too .

Tomorrow I am gonna post SPORTS and CTP engagement earning details , will you be in atleast top 50 over there?

nope :), I barely got myself to roll my face over the keyboard for some comments today. I was super tired. Some days is a challenge just maintaining my daily quota of comments

Lol what's your daily quota of comments btw? 20 per day?

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reply to people that commented and comment on the posts of people I follow, not a specific number

Ah got it . When you said "quota" I thought you were referring to initiative 10 or something which others are talking about.


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