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RE: LEO Whales Are Spreading Stake to New Users | Curator Reward Leaderboard

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I think it's amazing that the Leo whales are spreading their love around! I honestly think this is the best way things are going to progress forward. We need more people to feel they have a chance at the way things work. Engagement is the most important thing in my regards. If folks were aware that just being active in a platform and on the posts was as easy as it was to make a fairly decent amount of rewards, more would do it!

I've been a slight part of the Leo network for a while but haven't spent as much time as I probably should have. I've been getting into it here and there though when I can and it's been great.

The linear curation has been a much needed change but I think that it might not necessarily be the best way to move forward with all of the different Hive platforms and second layers. I think it adds a more robust experience if some areas differ from others. It adds to some issues perhaps but if everything was the same then it gets gamed all the same, I think.

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Wealth spreading is one Financial advice my Dad told me far back but I didn't understand it. I'll share some more insights on this soon on my blog.

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