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RE: Engagement=Earnings , how much author rewards did Leo users earn only for their comments in past 7 days ?

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After reading Your article I Knew that we can earn more by commenting on #leofinance. So Commenting on the post is not only help you earn some free LEO as well as You can grow your community and earn attraction. So Basically Commenting will help you grow.

And thanks @amr008 for sharing your knowledge with us😊

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Definitely @coinmnatra ( Did you mess up the username ? lol , is it supposed to be @coinmantra? )

I have always believed that engagement is the key to success - both personal success as well as community success.

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Yes, we Missed To Take The Username @Coinmantra So we Choose this name we know this is funny But we are working on It.

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Oh I see , that's unfortunate , were you able to get hold of the user who has the @coinmantra name ?

I sersiously thought you messed up while signing up .

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