Defi investment tokens coming to HIVE-engine

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New DeFi investment tokens coming to hive-engine

connect123 has been set up to host and maintain HIVE's first range of 100% backed Defi investment tokens. Our range will include 6 tokens, each new token will release every 2 months.

@Connect123 will offer users an easy solution to investing into backed baskets of assets directly using HIVE. Our mission is to create hive-engine tokens that offer users exposure to new investment opportunities while adding diversification to there all over holdings, safe in the knowledge their holdings are backed 100% and stored safely in the Connect123 vault. Each token will contain 3-5 investments that are connected to a similar theme and carry a hardap of 10,000.

The connect123 token range will include:

  • 1 Precious metals backed token
  • 2 Crypto backed token
  • 1 Stock and shares backed token
  • 1 50% crypto 50% stock token
  • 1 income token


First token on Pre-sale 1st July

Full details of each token will be uploaded before pre-sale starts. Early birds promos offering a 3-5% bonus will run for 2 weeks.

From which of the above would you like to invest into first?


Please REHIVE this post are tag any friends you think would be interested in this strategy of investing.

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Very interesting concept. Giving users in the Hive ecosystem more choices.

I look forward to seeing the details with this.

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Details with be uploaded in a few days. Im in 2 minds over which token to released first.

Either an exchange token that's backed by 5 different crypto exchange tokens


An Elon token that would be 50% tesla 50% spaceX


hive-engine is NOT DeFi capable. it's centralized.

Can you explain any further?

Binance is centralized and offers defi products. Are these products mis-labelled?

Bitcoin is decentralized but the internet it requires to exist is centralized, the companies that produce mining machines are centralized, the electric companies that power them are centralized and many of the biggest miners are centralized.

hive-engine is just a tool but if im seeing it wrong, please correct me

good answer, spot on!

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 last year (edited)

If hive engine us shutdown tomorrow then everything is lost. There are nuances of decentralization, and hive engine is literally the Google sheet owned by one user.

Nothing is lost, hive-engine is used to create a token and if hive-engine is shut down and that token disappears, the funds backing it still exist.

A token makes it easier for people to trade but it could be replaced with something like SBI shares. The token itself carries no value.

Correct, and spinvest has underlying assets that transcend the Hive blockchain.

Oh Yeah? Spinvest has been doing this since "Pre-Hive" and it's working, and decentralized.
A blockchain is a central point of trade, even though it has many decentralized components. So is an Exchange. But the products traded need not be centralized. I think you are mixing metaphors...

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There is nothing decentralized in a token on hive engine.

You sound like these fake-ass "organically grown account" people, they have an opinion and try to shove it off on everyone else. Just cuz you say so, don't make it so. Got any evidence?

yes, it's called common sense.

The thing with common sense is it's not very common.

@ash - watch the project over the next few months and you'll see why connect123 is not the same as others. Decentralized projects can be built on top of centralized platforms. Everything that is decentralized requires centralized tools. Thinking otherwise is not common.

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Evidence means examples, hard facts, not just your "because I said so"
A "high rep" (which is meaningless), small stake playah on a small platform, and I'm gonna just take your word for it. No Way 😝 In Fact, there are several tokens which are also on other blockchains while on Hive's chain. I am in groups that nullify your entire premise, as well. Many examples that disprove your assertions.

Seems to me you have a problem with @aggroed

Plus, nearly all hive-engine tokens are portable whether H-E is up and running or not. Anyone with a dedicated UI portal (like can send and receive totally independently of the 'engine'.

the evidence is that there is no hive-engine blockchain, not that hard to understand

We all knew that LOL

Now if you'd just list some problems you see, (I don't think you really seem to have the time) I bet we'd agree on some things. I'm going to suggest to my SPI peeps that we diversify. I'd like to see us listed on the LeoDex for starters. I know for a fact, however, that several coins are listed on dual blockchains. My buddy @ackza has initiated some of these. If you have a token with a portal like NeoxAG, you have portability even if Hive-Engine goes down. It's up to the issuer to insure this portability remains, should Hive-Engine drop out.


My order of issuance/preference would be:

  1. Income tokens
  2. crypto tokens
    and a distant third...
  3. MAYBE Precious Metals backed (for many reasons, not a big fan, all my PMs are self held and self-insured)

Stocks, well, it's gotta be super-blue chip stuff because a huge market shift is coming. YUGE! Yes, most traditional stock will not survive. IMO... but even those that do might be pretty shady in the interim. I'm advising everyone against stocks for the long term, and against anything .GOV has their greasy fingers into 😱

The ELON is actually more forward thinking and should/could survive a total SHTF Financial destruction... Maybe.

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I would be taking delivery of precious metals for this with photo evidence.
Income tokens was thinking 5-10% per year into weekly dividends
The Elon would be 50% telsa stock and 50% spaces token (not actually floated yet, private sale)

Stocks, i was thinking just strong companies like Coke, McDonalds, Nike, Addidas, Samsung, intel, ect. Shit we know will still be around in 20-30 years.


I have an investment document I could forward to you that is exactly what this sentence embodies... It's not that I think you need a "list" but it also put me in the frame of mind as to analyzing companies for staying power. I'm on discord @undeRGRound#7534

I like your approach, if not your scope.

Furthermore, a usable PMs Token must have a delivery clause.
Or it's worthless, IMO. 😎

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@Connect123 will offer users an easy solution to investing into backed baskets of assets directly using HIVE. Our mission is to create hive-engine tokens that offer users exposure to new investment opportunities while adding diversification to there all over holdings, safe in the knowledge their holdings are backed 100%

Very similar to @spinvest, or at least what it has become. Except we started as Steem Powered Investments, using the Steem Power growth and leasing. It morphed into so much more.

As far as using "Connect123" to diversify, it would be a step backwards for me, as I came from the traditional world of investing.


I came from the world of hard assets, stocks and bonds. Crypto was seen as an emerging market for me, and I dove in. Traditional investments are a POS, anything that is paper or digital at least. Hard Assets are where it's at. The oldschool stocks and bonds are rotten to the core. (IMO) I think you will have much more success doing this like SPI does, except don't have an emphasis on the corrupt devices of .GOV etc. 👍