Splinterlands | I'm Buying More SPT Tokens!

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I made a previous update post on the Passive Returns of the SPT token last month (See Post). Even though I didn't anticipate buying more, with the price coming down well below my maximum 0.00025$ range, I started accumulating again!

Last month, the price was at around 0.00031$ which now is down to 0.00014$ because of the crypto market dip combined with someone selling batches of 30000 SPT at a cheap price. This brings the total market cap of the coin at only $11,118 for ~78 Million Coins in circulation.

So I have been buying more aiming for 2 Million SPT now as I still believe it's highly undervalued based on the likely future use case it will get and I don't mind being patient while making some daily passive returns leasing it out to @monster-curator.

I'm currently above 1.6 Million SPT and will keep buying at current prices whenever someone is dumping until I reach 2 Million.

For more info on SPT and potential future use cases, I can recommend posts from @rentmoney ( Let's Talk About Splintertalk / SPT & Use Cases!) which also warmed me up to buy more.

For more Info Around the Splinterlands Game see...

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I've been attempting to hit 1 Million. I got about 600,000 thus far.


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Interesting, so there's no current utility associated with the token? Seems speculative, but I wonder if it's tied into the roadmap they're teasing for SL this year

Basically, the utility right now is very similar to most tribe tokens and even hive itself in many ways. It is used to reward content creators with the highest voted posts making up the trending page of Splintertalk.io.

There has been talked about integrating the token into the game at some point possibly linking it to cosmetic items and more. The way I personally estimate the situation is that it is a matter of time before SPT gets more use case and possibly a token burn mechanic / lower inflation. Right now the devs just give priority to other aspects of the game to mainly use the user base. So it remains a gamble to accumulate now at 'cheap' prices in anticipation instead of chasing the pump the day something actually is announced.

Cosmetics would be cool - I like the idea of the card skins but can't bring myself to drop the amount they're asking for for them in DEC. SPT would be a good alternative - might have to pick up some. Thanks for the info and thoughts on it!


Hey @costanza, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd


!pizza good choice, i am close to 1 mil myself (820k right now)