Now I can buy BRO token with my own income: Compound interest doing its magic

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The Hive ecosystem is magnificent, as we can have many ways to make money. It is not limited to blogs or curation. Layer 2 tokens have come to revolutionize the way we can tokenize our communities. As an investor, I appreciate the options we have in dedicating our time to the things that matter to us. That said, I am very happy to have achieved a feat recently and I will tell you.

I have already said a few times here that I am the type who likes to invest to earn passive income, I really like to invest my money to obtain dividends daily and weekly because diversification is essential for any investor because it brings security and tranquility in their investments.

When The Man Cave community was created I tried to research more about it and knowing its principles I quickly identified myself and I didn't want to delay to start investing in their BRO token. Your way of investing is simple and you just need to buy your BRO on LeoDex or Hive Engine and that's it, without needing a stake you start receiving daily HIVE, LEO, NEOXAG and PAL.

Compound interest and its power

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Like many users, I also didn't have much money at the beginning and if we could buy everything we wanted, the world would be full of billionaires ... but going back to reality, I knew that this BRO project was very promising and there are others cool things and partnerships that they do, but let's focus on our investment.

It all depends on how much you buy, as some units of BRO can seem very little in your earnings, but recently I did a little calculation and found out how much I needed to buy BRO token so that it paid for itself and thus make the money spin. At the time when a BRO used 2 HIVE I bought some, but it didn't take long and now its price costs 3 HIVE.

I realized that for each BRO, we received something around 0.003 HIVE and I found that to be able to own 3 HIVE so I can buy 1 BRO token per month would be something around 34 BRO, because daily I will receive 0.102 HIVE and in the month a total of 3.06 HIVE, so I would be able to buy my BRO only with the money I earn from my income on HIVE. Isn't that interesting?



Of course, for those who want to speed up this process, just buy more, but the fact that you get a new source of income for your investments is very important for the health of your finances.

I hope that this type of BRO investment program will last for a long time and that more interesting things may come up, as I intend in the not too distant future to double the amount I have today so that I can buy 2 BRO a month without depending on another source of money. income. As time goes by we begin to realize how powerful compound interest is and knowing what you're doing makes things more fun.

Do you also invest in BRO? If you are looking for a simple and profitable investment, I recommend it with complete peace of mind.


Versão em português

O ecossistema Hive é magnífico, pois nós podemos ter várias formas de conseguir ganhar dinheiro. Não se limita apenas em blogs ou em curadoria. Os tokens de camada 2 vieram para revolucionar o modo como podemos tokenizar nossas comunidades. Como investidor aprecio as opções que temos em dedicar nosso tempo para as coisas que nos importam. Dito isso estou bastante feliz em conseguir um feito recentemente e vou dizer a vocês.

Já disse algumas vezes aqui que sou do tipo que gosta de investir para ganhar renda passiva, gosto muito de aplicar meu dinheiro para obter dividendos diariamente e semanalmente pois a diversificação é algo primordial para qualquer investidor pois traz segurança e tranquilidade em seus investimentos.

Quando a comunidade The Man Cave foi criada eu procurei pesquisar mais sobre ela e conhecendo seus princípios me identifiquei rapidamente e não quis demorar para começar a investir em seu BRO token. Sua forma de investir é simples e basta você comprar seus BRO no LeoDex ou Hive Engine e pronto, sem precisar stake você começa a receber diariamente HIVE, LEO, NEOXAG e PAL.

O Juros composto e seu poder

Assim como muitos usuários eu também no começo não tive muito dinheiro e se a gente pudesse comprar tudo que queríamos com certeza o mundo estaria repleto de bilionários... mas voltando para a realidade, eu sabia que esse projeto BRO era muito promissor e existem outras coisas legais e parcerias que eles fazem, mas vamos focar nosso investimento.

Tudo depende de quanto você compra, pois algumas unidades de BRO podem parecer bem pouco em seus ganhos, mas recentemente fiz um pequeno cálculo e descobri o quanto que precisava comprar BRO token para que ele mesmo se pague e assim fazer o dinheiro girar. Ná época em que um BRO cusatava 2 HIVE eu cheguei a comprar alguns, mas não demorou muito e agora seu preço custa 3 HIVE.

Percebi que para cada BRO, recebemos algo em torno de 0.003 HIVE e descobri que para conseguir possuir 3 HIVE para eu poder comprar 1 BRO token por mês seria algo em torno de 34 BRO, pois diariamente eu receberei 0.102 HIVE e no mês um total de 3.06 HIVE, assim eu teria como comprar meu BRO apenas com o dinheiro que ganho dos meus rendimentos em HIVE. Isso não é interessante?

Lógico que para quem quiser acelerar esse processo basta apenas comprar mais, mas o fato de que você obtém uma nova fonte de renda para seus investimentos isso é muito importante para a saúde de suas finanças.

Espero que esse tipo de programa de investimentos BRO dure por muito tempo e que mais coisas interessantes possam surgir, pois pretendo num futuro não tão distante de dobrar a quantidade que hoje possuo para que eu possa por mês comprar 2 BRO sem depender de outra fonte de renda. Com o passar do tempo começamos a perceber o quão poderoso é o juros composto e sabendo no que está fazendo as coisas ficam mais divertidas.

E você, também investe em BRO? Se procura um investimento simples e lucrativo eu indico com toda tranquilidade.


Thanks for reading so far. If you liked it, give that strength with your upvote and rate me. Feel free to leave a comment .Thanks guys!



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One of my friends is investing in BRO tokens, but I didn't know these things about that token... Thanks for sharing! I will take a closer look at the project!

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One of the goals of this post was to show people this incredible investment. I'm sure you will be interested.

Thanks for the support. It means a lot to me.

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This is the actitude of a great investment man, consider every income good not depend of how big or small it could be, guau i am impressed with your 3 hive per month imagine in 5 years you get 180 hive imagine when hive cost $10.00 it would be a $1800 without a lot effor.
I review thw bro token, it is the firs time that i listening about that.

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If you'd like to learn more about the Man Cave Project @galberto, please follow the "support" link below to a post about it. The post contains links to our Discord server, the Man Cave community, etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We will do what we can to help you!


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Thank you, I am very happy to know that I am spreading the word well and you have an excellent long-term perspective. I liked your vision and hope that HIVE can come close to that value in the future.

We have built our paths now so that in the future we can enjoy everything we did with boma. Success on your journey!

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Just keep it growing. As we are finding out with LEO, keep the bags filled and eventually something will pop.

Resources can be turned into other resources.

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Thank you and you are absolutely right. It becomes amazing when we realize what we can do with our income gains. The idea of ​​money making more money becomes more and more real.

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Nice post about compounding interest @coyotelation. I wrote a post about this same topic not so long ago. And "practicing what I preach" invested my dividends into some more BRO earlier this afternoon.

Maintain the discipline and we believe you will do very well over the long-term!


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Thank you! It is always very good to research something we are investing in and I usually read similar content. Thanks for the tip.

Thank you very much for the support @roleerob, The Man Cave is gradually being one of my most important investments in Hive. The project, besides being promising, is incredible.

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I am surprised to know that even small amount (34 BRO) has so much power. I never invested thinking that it might require thousands of Hive to get something meaningful.

That's why I became interested in increasing my participation in BRO. We will still have a lot of interesting things for this community and I believe the effect will be the same for those who have LEO. Your appreciation will be great and I don't want to be left out of the party :)

I hope you see it as another opportunity for you.

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