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RE: Rabona - Soccer Manager - Open Beta Launch on 25th September

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Very good to know that you were one of the game's testers. I already know where I will learn some tips hahaha ...

Personally I am very excited about Rabona and I hope my expectations are the best when I start playing. I've always dreamed of having a game in this blockchain-based style.

Of course, the financial part will be very important and I hope to have enough money to improve my stadium and store. But I want Rabona to have more fun than just care about profitability.

I hope some tips with you soon, mainly about the club management on the stadium. I know that we must have some strategies in mind as there is no point in increasing the capacity of the stadium enough if there is no "nobody" to watch ... much less increase the price of beer and team shirts. There has to be some balance and I hope I can find it as soon as possible in the game.

Thanks for sharing some information about Rabona. I already put my alarm clock here to alert me at launch.

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Some tips in the beginning of the game are to:

  1. Complete missions to get extra RBN and as well get accustomed with the game
  2. Train your players each day and visit canceled contracts to spot opportunities; do not buy too many players as canceling a contract is expensive and you will need to play salary each match.
  3. Focus on Stadium upgrades compared to the others in order to have positive season income

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