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I must admit I like projects that use the compounding interest principal as whatever you invest the money works for you. If you can add to the initial investments on a monthly basis you have a recipe for success.

When I first joined Hive nearly 3 years ago I realised how important it was to have stake as your stake is constantly growing as interest is being added. In the beginning you don't really notice anything as you have very little value but as your stake grows from your earnings it does become noticeable.

I haven't calculated exactly but it is in the region of .170 per hour added to my account which is just over 4 Hive every day. The real beauty is the account just grows because you have stake and that will slowly increase the amount of interest you earn.

I am sure most of you are aware of the project @silverstackeruk is doing using Leo with Leo Backed Investments or LBI which is using compounded growth. This LBI token over time as that is what it really takes to grow in value will double then triple and quadruple and continue growing on it's merry way. This won't happen next year or the year after but once the momentum is garnered it starts to speed up and then the value will start to sky rocket. This is a 10 year minimum investment I Believe to really understand the results and how powerful this technique is. What the beauty about this is the value of what you invested in also can double or triple or more in value making the original investment on it's own a winner. Bitcoin was a prime example going 10 x in 9 months.

Just think and vision what is possible if LBI has 200 000 tokens in the kitty and is earning 1500 Leo per week and then 2000 Leo per week as that number will constantly climb. According to the figures I would have made over 4.7 LBI this week for investing around 1700 in the beginning. The value will rise and just by restaking the earnings it will compound and grow even faster. This is the type of project that seriously makes me excited and makes me look for similar projects to add to my investment portfolio.

The Bitcoin one that uses Bitcoin for loans paying you compounded interest I mentioned in a post last night has woken me up to what is possible and the opportunities that are available. That one if you invested in March you would be literally earning a return of more than 60% right now. I had been looking for investment opportunities like this as in South Africa they are not easy to find. The problem is too may seem like schemes and are not legitimate as the saying goes "too good to be true" is often the case.

I remember playing a game of golf in a golf day we had at work and someone thought they would be clever betting $1 per hole double or quits. If the chap won every hole his bet would have paid him out over $130 000 as that is how quickly things change over a period of 18 holes like 18 years. The first few seem like nothing but the meat and drink happens around the 10 year mark as that is when the stake starts becoming serious.

I think over the last month or so I am starting to enjoy myself more and more on here as new opportunities are showing their faces now. I firmly believe when we see opportunities we need to grab them as you have no idea when the next one will appear.

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Hmm that golf example is really an "eye-opener" for people that haven't realized the power of compounding. I'm glad I have some LBI, because that journey has just started. Feels like Hive is getting more and more oppurtunities to earn. Problem is that I don't have enough money to join all :p