All About Expectation

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When I started on Hive 34 months ago Not only did I have no clue, but I also had no expectations. Little old me earning money off writing posts and commenting just didn't add up as this was something I never knew was possible. If I had known this type of thing was available I would have been here a lot sooner.

The beauty of having low expectations is you don't really get disanointed as everything you earn big or small is seen as a blessing. I have always appreciated everything I have in my life as like on here I started with absolutely nothing.

Working hard and dedicating tireless hours to something to give yourself a chance is how I work in everything I do. The difference between myself and many other users is I never expected much and even though posts were being rewarded highly all around me it was about the bigger picture of learning and growing so I could understand what this place was about. This is how you give yourself a chance by walking before you run. Reading the instructions if you like which none of us do if we are honest with ourselves.

Everyone knows how hard this place is and genuinely it takes a good 6 months to understand what is going on. Some pick it up quicker than others, but then they most likely have skills others don't have. Simple things which I learned fairly quickly like attaching an image to a post is not common knowledge to the masses and I am a prime example of an average user. Maybe not average anymore as I have learned the art of growing on the blockchain and that is an experience in itself.

Am I disappointed in my earnings over 34 months and the answer is no as I know the ship is heading in the right direction finally. Today I have a combined account value of $8500 with my Leodex holdings and Hive account added together. This averages out at $250 per month which thinking about it is not that bad really and better than what I would have done watching television or reading books.

The reality is the prices are still low so a 10 x or 20 x from here is still possible turning an average into $2500 or $5000 per month which is quite incredible. The real magic is not the idea of cashing out as I could never afford to replace what I have currently when that happens but the idea of using that to earn passively possibly taking out liquid every now and then. 20 hive per day at $2 is $1200 per month and far more valuable than taking a lump sum of $100 000.

Many would be tempted to take the full whack and run fir the hills but then what about tomorrow and the day after as that will never last long. This I see as a type of pension for later in life and why there is no rush right now. For those users who aren't in a rush and are thinking of tomorrow this is the biggest opportunity you might ever have right in front of you.

I know others don't see it this way and why I am now at 364 in Hive Buzz rankings for stake when I was originally at 828 518 when I joined with 0 Hive. Who knows what lies ahead, but even a $1 Hive or a $2 Hive is actually not that bad even though we know a $5 or $10 makes things way better. If one lowers the expectation and rides the wave then you will enjoy yourself far more and most likely you will earn more at the same time.

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Yeah, I am starting to realize just how low the price of Hive is right now. I mean I have known for a long time it was low, but the bull run has me starting to realize it probably won't be like that forever and I think I need to try and pick some more up. I wish I had started on here sooner as well!

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I'm positive there's a lot to learn about the crypto world and keep learning.

It better to enlighten oneself than to only look at the monetary gains you'll have in a short term after sell out. I agree with you on having or building a passive income for retirement, that's what we should always take note of.

While bitcoin was in 1$ alot of people sold it after getting to $100 and they felt like they have made alot of gains. Let's ask them now, if it's really a gain or loss.

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