All For One And One For All

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Fun fact that this saying is the unofficial motto of Switzerland. Must be true as Wiki said so lol.

This is the beauty about being in a community like Leo as we are all here for each other as it is about supporting one another. Every account no matter how big or small is equally important as you all make up the eco system. The Hive blockchain and all it's communities are social as being able to grow relies on the people around you and without support you have absolutely nothing.

Over the course of my Hive journey there have been many phases with curation from earning nothing due to having no stake meaning no vote value to actually seeing the curation rewards growing gradually. One's stake grows over time and hard work which is not that easy as the dedication required is probably one of the hardest challenges you will ever undertake. I have mentioned this a while back that growing my Hive stake was the most difficult challenge I had undertaken as it is not a small commitment being everyday for 3 years and still counting. This is crazy as it is most likely a commitment for life for most of us even if we haven't admitted it to ourselves just yet. I would rather run 50 marathons or cross the Atlantic by rowing boat than start my Hive journey all over again and I am not joking.

On Leo the first goal I had this year was to grow my stake so I could earn 1 Leo every day via curation. That job became a little easier as many tribe members moved their Leo onto Cub DeFi making my vote value rise ever so slightly. That ever so slightly has helped and just adds to the stake each day.

This evening is the first time in months that I have 100% vote power and decided to check the vote value which is 0.306. I find this great as I am already well on the way to doubling my original target and we are only in April. If memory serves me right 1000 Leo was worth just over 0.090 vote and today 1000 Leo will give you an extra 20% so roughly 0.110. The compounding growth really comes into it's own once you are making on posts and curation and is a joy to watch the wallet and vote values rise. I do believe being able to add something back to a community that has helped you grow is the special part of the way this blockchain works.

Growth is only possible through others curating your articles and through your staking which is not foreign to myself as that is all I have ever done. When you have targets set it is very hard to deviate as what is the point of setting targets in the first place?

I do think that it is natural for any account that has received support along the way to pay back that support once you have grown not only to the ones that helped you, but to find others as well. That to me is showing others you have appreciated the help and fully understand how this place works as you are now adding to the entire eco system. I am hoping the hundreds that are joining us weekly have a similar experience to what I had as this place is life changing in many ways. Lessons learned on here apply to real life and in some ways helps to make you a more rounded person.

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Hi James, hope you are good.
How is your Saturday or Sunday like? Maybe we can meet for coffee perhaps.

That is awesome! Congrats on hitting your target and surpassing it! It has been really great seeing many of the people I have been following for so long growing and thriving on here. I can only imagine what things are going to look like in the future with everything that is happening in the crypto-space.

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Quick question... i have a bunch of tokens on hive engine... is the best strategy to stake them all and any extra you get stake that etc etc...

By staking do you start earning an APR of some description?

No you earn via curation if you stake. The more you have staked the more your vote value goes up.

Ok, so if i curate people in sportstalksocial (through hive), i earn more sports token, the more i have staked?

Yes not only sports tokens but Hive as well. Just keep staking and you will see your vote value increase over time. This is how you earn on curation.

Ok, cool. It's a no brainer so to stake everything. Thanks for the advice.

I just voted this comment so you should get hive and Leo on that vote.