Could This Be A Possibility For Leo and WLeo?

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I was reading the @leofinance post regarding the new developments regarding WLeo and DeFi and was wondering if we could somehow have WLeo on Leodex? I am not the smartest cookie in the box when it comes to technical stuff and to be honest would love to get involved somehow.

I don't know if this is possible, but thought I would suggest this as possibly there is an opportunity to get more liquid Leo tied up in DeFi if this was offered. My thinking is if we had this opportunity more users would invest and stake in WLeo this way. Maybe each pool could be locked away for a set period of time like 3 months, 6 months it doesn't matter as everyone here is thinking long term.

Not every user has 1000's of Leo to invest and this would give the smaller accounts that are growing an opportunity to feel even more involved. Personally I have invested nearly 2000 Leo in LBI and would target doing something similar in WLeo over time.

I don't think it would be difficult to get a pool of 5000 Leo or more from users like myself if this was a service offered and it ties up more Leo which is what everyone wants.

Maybe this is not possible and is a stupid question, but the only stupid question is one you don't ask in my opinion. In my head this makes sense but then again it isn't technical and there may be a plausible explanation why It isn't offered. maybe this hasn't been possible on Ethereum due to the high gas fees, but what about the other two blockchains that are now being discussed? Surely with all the brains and know how around here there must be away to make this work.

I know Hive Engine is doing stuff with Diesel and wrapping Hive and was hoping that we were going to get something similar on Leodex at some point soon. I thought let me ask @khaleelkazi and the @leofinance team anyway as I know they are super busy and this may only come as a distraction which I don't want to cause, but a thought maybe for down the road and a short road please lol.

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I never did the Wleo thing for 3 reasons,

  1. I didn't want to learn how to do it
  2. ETH SUCKS (slow as fuck) (gas fees)
  3. I was waiting for something better

It looks like something better is on the way! YEA!

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Yeah. Lets hope we don't have to sign up and join other exchanges. Wait and see and maybe we will be ok.

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I also don't have much liquidity but I await more details to understand how to best move

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I do understand and know I can create some more liquid as have Steem payout tomorrow. Not much but possibly another 80 Leo depending on price so could rustle up 200 comfortably I think which is nothing compared to what others are doing.

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