Disaster And A Big FFS

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Talk is a level 4 lockdown is imminent which sucks and is ultra dumb as the economy cannot handle this.

The government is in a meeting at the moment discussing the new lock down levels according to our source. They have never been wrong and it may happen this week or next week, but it will happen. For how long I have no clue, but it better be short as I have plans and a timetable to work towards.

Common sense should have prevailed in all countries locking down over the festive period from 16th December to 16th January when most businesses are closed creating the least amount of chaos. Doing this now will only create more damage to the economy making businesses tank.

I honestly don't care about people complaining saying what about my holiday and what about our annual trip to the beach as that is minor. Now if my source is correct and we close down for an entire month that is a huge impact on everyone and mostly businesses that are already on the ropes.

This is now starting to get real for people as they have never thought past their noses on what the outcome could be. If you have seen past your nose you would know your job is hanging in the balance no matter who you have been working for as big companies are not safe. The bigger you are the harder you fall and that will happen.

I was hoping by this point the likes of Hive would be doing their thing and at least have a value over $2 as that would alleviate some financial strain on what is going to come for many. Financial goals for 2021 should have been about maintaining what you have and not about thinking of more possibly. The challenge for many will be just having an income as without that the future is a little bleak.

Having Hive in your back pocket as a safety net is fantastic ,but at these prices it is not much of a net and more like one you catch butterflies with. I have to admit I have never been more concerned in my life as the future is uncertain yet we are better off than most. We have something tangible that could possibly work and needs to start fulfilling what we all know it can. I am routing for Hive and all the tribes to perform miracles as many may need it.

Business wise nothing has changed yet and still on target to meet the new clients in February if allowed and that "if" is becoming bigger and bigger every day. My "if" is still in play and have to keep it there amongst all the negativity we will most likely hear over the coming weeks. Not fun times ,but more like interesting times as testing your resolve will be required yet again.

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This is now starting to get real for people as they have never thought past their noses on what the outcome could be

Yeah no kidding. Wait until the food shortages start, which they already are in some areas.

People who buy into this "great reset" are going to find out how bad things get when it epically fails. By then, they will be suffering horrifically.

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I see big trouble ahead as there is no future for a large percentage of the population. You are taking away everything they have and it is morally wrong. Having a job and being able to feed your family should be a right for every individual if they want to work.

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It depends upon how conspiracy theory you want to get. There are some who feel they want to reduce the world's population. People like Gates believe humanity will not survive if things keep going.

The idea of the lockdowns was to reduce CO2 which didnt happen. Now, they are stuck with the same CO2 and a collapsing economy. Yet they think they will magically make everything all right.

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The most worrying thing with this lockdown is the economy, some big companies close the January season but with a whole year without income it is a luxury that cannot be afforded

Oh my, that is horrible. We are still locked down quite a bit, but probably not that bad. We are pretty lucky that I think at some point we will start getting the vaccine, but I have a feeling it is going to take even longer to get to you folks there. Best of luck to you. Stay safe and stay well!

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We are in lockdown max, it's utter shit and I am bored out of my chump at not being able to live my life. meh