Hive = Fast, Scalable And Powerful. Sounds Spot On.

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A somewhat decent description of the Hive Blockchain. I quite like the battle tested part which is quite correct. What we have here works and it holds a bright future.

This question has been raised many times over the last 3 years I have been on #Hive and the easy answer is no one knows. The Question is when will the masses appear? I believe it won't be long as this is more of a gut feel this time around as something is not quite the same. Crypto is suddenly in the news and it is not bad news or FUD anymore, but praising the technology behind certain block chains and projects. Funny to think that crypto is suddenly the good guy in the room and why mass adoption is very close.

Over the last few months on #Hive we have seen what price action can do as it plays with your mind. I think this is natural to think this way as being in a bear market for three years is not exactly champagne and strawberries. I however was very grateful for this time as it was a chance to grow ones stake. Those 3 years could possibly be life changing depending on price action of course. How many people if given that type of choice would be on here today if they only knew.

Thought I would add the Lunar Crush Social Media scores as these are important to know where we are.

New users who have arrived recently must not worry about the price as it will be more important to get stake behind your name. #Hive having a liquidity of 370 million is not that much considering what mass adoption means. Fakebook has a reported 2.7 billion users and if we only grabbed 1% of them they would only be able to possibly have less than 10 #Hive each. How many people will be selling Hive when they know how hard it will be to earn?

One gets the feeling these days that it isn't going to take much for #Hive and the tribes to get noticed considering a majority of the tokens out there are geared around DeFi with no real use cases. Yes you can farm the token but seriously what else is behind that project? Maybe there doesn't need to be anything and we are missing the point as farming and investing is enough to keep the value.


#Hive does stick out like a sore thumb along with the likes of #Leo as by staking you can earn via curating. People just don't get it though and maybe we were just so far ahead of the game the masses were not ready for this.

The three years built working daily growing the account through consistency and dedication will be looking a lot easier compared to users who still have to arrive. Thinking about it I don't envy them as starting from scratch fighting for a share of a shrinking reward pool will make Hive very scarce to earn.

Once the price of #Hive reaches the $4 mark there will be few users who could afford to invest $100 000 which would only give you 25 000 #Hive. Accounts that are already established with less #Hive will be in a stronger position as they already understand the complexities of how this place works and more importantly have a following. Investing will only get you so far as without support you are just a number. This may help by cutting down the time to become established but it is still the time that every account has to go through.

The value of your account is not only gauged in monetary terms but the foundation you have managed to build over a length of time. Like anything this is the hardest part to grow and why people can take years on Youtube or Twitter before they have any relevance or influence. If something was that easy then everyone would be doing it plus there would be no value attached to the accomplishment.

Sometimes I find it hard to relate to being so early to something when I have been involved for three years already and others over 4 years. At the time I though I was late and missed the boat when in fact I had time to build a boat.

With so much going on in with changes in the real world for many plus the developments happening within crypto less the FUD I don't give #Hive another 4 years before we actually mean something to the masses. The time is ticking and we are sitting on top of a bomb.

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I think it is pretty crazy that they are actually advertising Coinbase and stuff like that in the public now. I think that could be huge in driving people towards crypto. I hope so anyway. Hive is going to be huge one day. I just know it.

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I agree my gut feel is it will be big maybe not next year but within the next 2-3 years.

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